Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alabama, Snow, DHS, and Iran - Feb 12

About that earlier post when I stated it was a slow news day. Well, I take that one back. I have another post with lots of cool information.

1) Update on Alabama churches being set ablaze: Apparently there are now TEN churches that have been set aflame. These assholes are equal opportunity haters as five are mostly black and the other five are mostly white. So it's an anti-Christian thing, not racism.

2) Snow day! Eastern U.S. seaboard gets buried in the mother of all Nor'easters.

3) Detention camps: Never again? Think again!

4) A link in two parts from World Net Daily: The U.S. and Iran are getting ready to rumble

a) Pentagon drawing up final plans for Iranian nuke sites.

b) Mad Mo: 'Remove Israel!', may withdraw from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This is some serious s**t people, I don't have a very good feeling about this.

Be Not Afraid,

The Man in Black

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