Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Canada, Egypt, Pipes and a Giggle - Feb 15

If you don't mind, I'm gonna clear up some residuals from yesterday. For some reason, the 'religion of peace' is dominating this post.

O (No) Canada! (pt. one): PM Stephen Harper is weaseling up to these scumbags and doing an excellent impersonation of a humiliated dhimmi. Where, oh where, is there a Churchill (Winston, not Ward) who will lead Canada into the light?

O (No) Canada! (pt. two): The Canadian Islamic Congress is bringing forth (sham) hate crime accusations against Ezra Levant (a Jew I'm guessing) in Calgary.

Another excellent essay by the erudite Hugh Fitzgerald on ending the Jizya (aka foreign aid) to our 'ally', Egypt.

Mr. Daniel Pipes on how 'cartoongate' is hurting the Muslims. It's not a clash of civilizations, it's a divorce (on a grand scale) of civilizations.

Check this funny bit out compliments of Israel Insider:
Wanna Shmooze? (not for dial-up)


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