Sunday, February 26, 2006

H5N1, The Adversary, Religion and Famine - Feb 26

Usually on a Sunday, things are pretty quiet. While the party winds down in Torino, Italy, humanity edges closer to it's appointed time, referred to in the book of Daniel as the 70th week. As Islam turns up the heat on tiny Israel and a dhimmified West, the judgement of our Creator looms ever closer. Those of us who know Jesus Christ can look at these things with optimism as Luke writes, "When you see all these signs, look up, for your redemption draws nigh".

In Egypt, Michigan, and New York City the H5N1 virus ('bird flu') is definitely on everybody's mind.

It appears our Adversary is putting in lots of overtime too:

a) The 'Gospel of Judas' is being printed and dissemenated.

b) Satan, it appears, is also in the movie-making business.

c) The Accuser of the Brethen is making news in Iraq and Israel over that recent bombing of that Shia mosque in Samarra.

Pope Benedict XVI calls for 'respect for religion'. As usual, he misses the point. We should respect truth (in the person of Jesus Christ), not religion.

And finally, a cool link on the human population explosion (now at 6.5 BILLION people). Can you say famine?


The Man In Black

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