Saturday, March 25, 2006

And Justice For All - Mar 25

I have a minor announcement to make. My subscription to stratfor is up and I'm not renewing. I will have something else in place though, sometime next week. Not to worry, here is the news from the past couple of days that is worth checking out.

There seems to be a lot going on wrt the Abdul Rahman case in Afghanistan. The clash of civilizations has well and truly begun. Here is an op-ed from Allan Wall of newsmax.

From Jihad Watch, a story of a growing victorious faith budding in Afghanistan

Here is the inestimable Ali Sina reporting on the growth of Christianity in Africa as well. Please note the incredible numbers of ex-Muslims coming to faith in Christ.

If you want to do something, anything (!) to save Abdul Rahman from execution, then sign this petition (I already have btw).

Our Adversary, looking around for someone to devour is also very busy. There is a new 'spiritism' that is sweeping the land. This is very, very dangerous, as it allows demons a passage into our material world.

Here is one very cool blog, one worthy of putting in your 'Favorites' folder:
The Pedestrian Infidel

In Canadian news, our boys are leaving the Golan Heights after 32 years of glorious service. Unfortunately, they are heading to Afghanistan where PM Harper has already paid a visit to the troops stationed there.

The Russians are shocked, shocked (!) about a Pentagon report that says they were feeding Saddam Hussein intelligience about U.S. forces prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom in '03.

Physicists are talking openly about the possibility of a geo-magnetic flip of the Earth's poles.

And keeping in the zeitgeist of this post, Bill O'Reilly gets the last word about the state of justice in America.

The Man in Black

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