Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Father of Lies - Mar 8

One of the signs Jesus Christ said to His apostles while on the Mount of Olives would be mass deception. Scripture clearly and plainly teaches that lies will sweep the globe and that we are to be watchful of such semantic trickery. Only the Holy Spirit is capable in leading us to truth, never under our own strength. In keeping with the zeitgeist of this post, I must also remind all of you that the one who is directing all this carnage is none other that Satan himself. Jesus said of God's Chief Enemy that he is "a murderer and a liar" and has been cast down in judgement. In these links, I hope you will notice the strands of deception that tie them all together.

An excellent piece from FrontPageMag on the Council of American Islamic Relations and why it might be one of the most insiduous 'fifth columns' in the West today. It's a wee bit long but glancing through should suffice.

Apparently, the MSM is being less than honest when reporting the Jenin 'massacre' by the IDF and a civil war in Iraq that never took off.

The 'Right To Choose' lobby is also in Satan's back pocket as it tries (and fails) to intimidate pro-life demonstrators with RICO legislation.

A Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse is showing the U.N. the real cost of abortion on women's health.

From Arutz 7 comes a disturbing story of how Hamas is urging Palestinian children to become a shahid (martyr) for the great anti-semitic cause.

Add this link to your 'Favorites' and discover the true nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran Focus

It seems Palestinian arithmetic is somewhat lacking as it inflates it's population numbers so as to get more (undeserved) aid. Remember the word 'Jizya'?

Americans, God Bless their little hearts, are NOT simpletons. Seems 'evolution', aka The 'Tornado in a Junkyard' theory, is found to be somewhat lacking in their eyes and so they favor a more balanced approach to teaching creation.

The EU is now moving toward a common energy policy, one that will surely draw them into the morass that is Russian, Iranian and ME politics.

Wow. That's NINE freaking links today. I had two more bookmarked but refrained from using them as this post is already long enough.

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The Man in Black

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