Friday, March 31, 2006

In Memory of Pte. Robert Costall - Mar 31

Have I got some amazing stuff for you today. Before we start however, I want to give tribute to the PPCLI, the unit that lost a soldier yesterday. There is a little known piece of Canadian military history called the Medak Pocket, a 15 hour firefight between Canadian troops and the Croatian Army. Fought in 1993, it is a story of tremendous courage under fire. This link is therefore dedicated to the memory of Pte. Robert Costall.

As well, here is the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry's official website.

Here is a chilling video from LGF. A Muslim mob has gathered outside the Danish embassy in London, protesting 'cartoongate'. Listen to what these hooligans are saying, with active participation from the crowd. Don't miss the placards either (Windows Media Player req'd).

The Americans have at last found their spine and will not be funding Hamas.

I have three links, all from the CBC, on various world news.

1) Here is some good news as American Jill Carroll is released.

2) There is more instability in markets as the price of precious metals rise as does the Canadian dollar. A high Canadian dollar is bad for the local economy as it makes Americans doing business here more expensive.

3) Trouble in Judea and Samaria as a suicide bomber meets his 72 virgins - NOT!

Lastly, I want to encourage those who wish to do so to sign up for some quality intelligience from Amaze your friends and confuse your enemies as you become the life of the party. After all, it's FREE dammit!

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