Sunday, March 12, 2006

Iran, Afghanistan, and Russia - Mar 12

Here is the second post of the day. This is very unusual for me, I decided to do it now as opposed to tomorrow as Mondays tend to be very busy prophetically. As a believer in the exponential theory of history, it is becoming more and more apparent the nearness of Christ's return. Things are speeding by so fast, that the evidence of His return to take His Bride (the church) and establish His millenial kingdom is unmistakable. Therefore be watchful and sober, for ye know not when the Son of Man cometh!

Stephen Harper has just made a secret surprise visit to the troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Your average trip to a foreign country this definitely was NOT! Here is the picture gallery to prove it (flash req'd).

Iran has just rejected the Russian proposal that nuclear enrichment happen on Russian soil, not in Iran. I suspected that this was a sham all along anyways, all this does is to prove it.

Jack Kinsella offers a chilling assessment on Russian foreign policy moves concerning it's abandonment of the INF treaty made between Reagan and Gorbachev.

Like I said, only a fool can ignore all the prophetic signs that are occuring today.

Shalom Yerushaliym,

The Man in Black

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