Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Israel in Peril - Mar 29

I have naturally been following the recent Israeli elections with great interest. The election of Ehud Olmert to the post of Israel's PM really changes nothing, prophetically speaking. Israelis voted with their feet by largely staying away in droves from casting a ballot. They are tired of all land concessions, tired of the rampant corruption, and tired of fighting a relentless enemy. They are ready to receive a Messiah, of any kind, that will give them peace and safety. This world is ready to receive a Messiah, one that will lead a one-world government to global peace. I believe this person is, right now, alive here on earth waiting in the wings to do his dark master's bidding. This Beast (or AntiChrist) will set off a seven year long world war when he signs a covenant with Israel with a promise to protect her. Make no doubt about it, Jacob's trouble is on the doorstep of human history, knocking at the door waiting to be let in.

Here is the breakdown of Knesset seats won by each respective party:

Not to be outdone, Hamas got into the act of starting a government too.

If you know your Bible well and have some idea about Jewish history, you know there are no such things as 'coincidences'. As the election was wrapping up, Israel was subject to a spectacular eclipse of the sun. Argue if you like that these things are simply just 'happening' at a most difficult time for Israel and it's people, but you'll never convince me.

Mr. Harper and Mr. MacKay get tough with Hamas - sort of.

It appears that Abdul Rahman's story ends here with him receiving asylum in Italy. I guess he's one of the lucky ones. Many Christians are being put to death all over the world (especially where Islam and Sharia law predominate) and yet very few will end up getting the kind of media attention that Mr. Rahman received. There will be many more Abdul Rahmans to hit the spotlight. I can bloody well guarantee it.

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