Sunday, March 26, 2006

Israel, Rahman and Nature's Power - Mar 26

I have just a few rambling thoughts this Sunday evening. Please be especially in prayer over the land of Israel as it chooses it's new leader this Tuesday. I'm rooting for Bibi but you never can tell with Israeli politics.

Here are two wonderful videos as it pertains to Israel:
The Wailing Wall
Psalm 83

From worldnetdaily comes this gem concerning the city of Jerusalem.

There seems to be some good news with regards to Abdul Rahman in Afghanistan.

Here is some straight talk about the H5N1 virus. The author Marc Siegel is really taking to task those who are broadly speculating on the non-'bird flu' pandemic.

Here is some really crazy news about signs in the heavens. How does a total solar eclipse sound? Unfortunately, those of us in North America will not be able to see it.

See you tomorrow,

The Man in Black

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