Saturday, March 18, 2006

Just The Facts, Ma'am - Mar 18

I have lots of stuff to cover, hence no real title to go off.

Three hospitalized in Israel over the bird flu, and the same deal in Egypt, too.

Strange outbreak (non-fatal) on Reunion Islands (French held territory).

Also from breitbart, materials to make bombs get past screeners at 21 U.S. airports! There, there, don't you feel safer now?

Did you know that Russian gold reserves have jumped 47.8 percent this year?

Click on this hyperlink to see evidence of Genesis 1:1.

In a surprising Gallup poll, Christianity is rising in Japan of all places. What is particularly encouraging is the fact that young people are the ones leading the charge. Praise the Lord!

Here are two funny links that have to be read to be believed:

Why bother joining the Canadian Navy when for $4.00 (plus tax of course) you can BUY yourself a navy!

If you love cats, hate cats, or have ever known a cat, here is video that is ROTF funny:

See? All is not doom and gloom! Look up! Your redemption draws nigh!

The Man in Black

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