Sunday, March 19, 2006

The ME, LPC, A Cyclone and Pirates - Mar 19

Hope you all are enjoying a lazy Sunday today. However, the world is definitely not standing still as we hurtle towards our appointed time with our Creator. Here are some articles I've managed to come across today.

In Lebanon, Hizbollah is making some overtly hostile moves against Israel.

In Iran, a dissident is released. Akbar Ganji has spent six years of his life in prison for criticizing the Iranian mullahcracy. Please note this is not the original link from Reuters as it expired. I have substituted a link from wikipedia in it's place.

In Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman will probably be murdered by the state for committing apostasy against Islam.

Wars and Rumors of Wars Dep't. Iraqi Shia discuss openly the real possibility of civil war. This of course begs the question, "What's so civil about war anyways?".

UN says humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Good on 'em I say. Let them trade in their AK-47's and RPG's for bread and butter. And then convert them all to Judaism or Christianity before we lift a finger or pay a penny to help them.

Will there be an another general election in Canada in 2007? My bet is yes. The Liberal Party of Canada are short on funds and have no leader after Mr. Martin stepped down but that problem might be solved by December '06. All it will take is to muster enough votes in the House of Commons to bring the Harper gov't down. An election might be called in February with the vote going down sometime in March. Just a guess, mind you. Politics is an unpredictable game at the best of times.

Cyclone Larry is battering the hell out of NE Australia (Queensland). Larry is a Category 4, which of course is a major storm.

Read about the U.S. Navy kicking ass and taking names off the coast of Somalia.

That's all for today. Probably more to follow tomorrow.

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