Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Nothing Spectacular - Mar 7

Aside from 9/11, it appears that Tuesday is not one of those days where much happens. The shock of Monday morning has worn off and the weekend is still three days away. Nevertheless, here are an assortment of stories that reminds us of the fact that God's plan of redemption is still very much on track.

The World's Most Dangerous Place? Try Pakistan.

Signs in the heavens: Jupiter has a new 'Red Spot' that has astronomers wagging their tongues.

Biodiversity is coming apart at the seams. Mass extinctions appear to be on the horizon.

New World Order Alert: EU to start a continental 'defence research fund'.

Saul Mofaz to Hamas PM, "No funny business or the assassinations begin!"

From the lovely city of Montreal comes a story that 'rights' (particularly religious ones) have this horrible habit of trumping basic common sense.

Forever I'll Be,

The Man in Black

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