Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Slice of Canadiana - Mar 12

It's a gorgeous day outside, so as to not spoil the mood, I've got three links from the CBC on topics that are quintessentially Canadian. As well, a video from MEMRI worth seeing and a curious business merger worth noting.

This one ought to be put into the Dudley Do-Right File.

Did you know Canada's motto, "From sea to sea" is inspired by Psalm 72:8?

By now you have heard of Bernie 'Boom-Boom' Geoffrion's death from stomach cancer. They had a touching tribute to him last night at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Here's a interesting story about a proposed merger concerning the NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange that didn't quite go through.

Saving the best for last is a video about an ex-Muslimah speaking some hard truths about the nature of Islam. I don't know what language is being spoken here (Arabic?) but it does have english subtitles. The willingness of those who speak about Islam's violent nature will substantially increase once the physical threat of attack is diminished or sidelined.

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The Man in Black

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