Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Paddy's Day pt. 2 - Mar 17

Apparently, many of us in the blogosphere were having major problems posting to their respective blogs. In lieu of yesterday's non-post, I have decided to get rid of my bookmarks and clear up some backlog.

Read here about the Great Canadian Conspiracy!

By now you have heard of the tragedy in Afghanistan concerning Canadian troops and an Afghani taxi driver. The second link is about the reaction from the family who are obviously upset and angry.

Here are three articles of interest wrt the incredible and unpredictable forces of nature:

1) Mexico has found a whole oilfield offshore!

2) Red snow falls in Russia!

3) The Horn of Africa is slowly being torn away from rest of the continent.

Had some other stuff but decided not to bother.

The Man in Black

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