Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Too Much! - Mar 14

I decided not to post yesterday as nothing in particular caught my eye. Well today I have completely outdone myself. Here are twelve links (!), a record for a post.

From India and Africa I bring you three articles.

1) See the new face of an emerging church in India.

2) More famine and tales of woe from Somalia.

3) Read about the hell that Robert Mugabe has created in Zimbabwe.

Here are four links specifically to do with the Jewish people and the land of Israel:

1) Read what Hal Lindsey has to say about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

2) Israel is seriously considering a pre-emptive attack on Iran.

3)Why, oh why, are 387 rabbis colluding with Hamas?

4) JINSA weighs in on the (failed) state of 'Palestine'.

In business news, it appears our 'fearless leaders' are neatly leading the sheep to slaughter:

1) U.S trade deficit to hit $804.9bn.

2) Russia and the EU are forming a single market energy plan.

3) Arab central banks are moving towards the euro and away from the U.S. dollar.

And two more links in the miscellany file which are not to be missed:

1) 666 Alert: "Sir, your chip implant is ready!"

2) Britain to rid itself of that whole messy 'freedom of speech' thing.

WOW! Be sober and vigilant my friend, and keep praying for Israel's redemption.

The Man in Black

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