Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blue Jays 6, Minnesota Twins 3 - Apr 5

Ah yes, the boys of summer are back and it's bloody well snowing outside. Can't win 'em all I guess. Anyways, I've got lots of stuff, mostly from the CBC.

Say what you will about Ralph Klein, he was always able to inject some much needed colour in a beige Canadian political landscape.

It appears that Western Canada (Alberta in particular) is headed for some nasty water management problems.

Pte. Robert Costall: Was death a result of so-called 'friendly fire'? I have never understood the term 'friendly fire'. Any bullets or bombs heading my way sure don't look friendly to me.

Cashless Society Update: The Royal Canadian Mint is doing an upgrade on the five dollar bill. As counterfeiters gain in skill, the move towards a cashless society becomes inevitable.

There is a very disturbing story coming out of South Africa. A SA police officer has gone on a rampage, killing eight. Don't ever tell me that this was a 'random' act. Satan is alive and well, directing liars and murderers to do his bidding.

Four links now concerning Israel and the ME:

1) IAF launches air strike in Gaza near Abbas' compound:

2) Iran is helping Hizbollah set up shop in southern Lebanon for spying on Israel.

3) Debka File: British military is now saying an American strike against Iran is 'inevitable'.

4) Debka File: Al-Zarqawi is planning attacks against the PA and Israel.

Christians in Afghanistan: Living with fear and persecution:

Christians in Nepal: Evidence of a growing faith community. Praise the Lord!

Let's play ball!

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