Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday - Apr 16

Today is known as a the day of resurrection of our Lord. The Toronto Maple Leafs tried to resurrect their playoff hopes with a win against Ottawa but the Bolts Martin St. Louis scored in OT against the 'Canes to finish the Buds playoff aspirations for good. Next year's team will be younger, faster, and hopefully improved over this dreadful lot. Sports and religion seem to be an odd mix to talk about but remember this: Your faith can only be as large as the object of your faith. Believing in Man's abilities always produces a small faith. If you believe in Jesus Christ's resurrection however, your faith will grow bigger and more mature as you become what God has always wanted you to be.

Now with that intro out of the way, I have some stuff that is actually Easter related

Read for yourself the solid evidence of the resurrection.

From the internet back pages is the official website of the Shroud of Turin.

Not to be outdone by the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit is at work in Malaysia as many Malay Muslims are becoming apostates, with perhaps as many as 100,000 turning to Christ as their Saviour.

Just because it's Easter doesn't mean the world stops on a dime. Here are some other stories of interest.

A librarian is enduring a full-on character assassination as he recommends WND's 'The Marketing of Evil' by David Kupelian to students.

The U.S. and EU's decision to no longer fund Hamas is creating all sorts of havoc in utopian 'Palestine'. So in steps the Russians with financial aid, causing a great deal of consternation with Israel.

Two links from the BBC showing very vividly the immediate effects of these financial sanctions on the local infrastructure:
Palestinian police stage violent protest.
Palestinians storm PM's office.

A follow-up on that killing of an Egyptian Copt. It's turning nasty as Egypt's Christians are accusing the gov't of indifference. Then again, Muslims don't discriminate, do they?

Have a glorious Easter Sunday everyone,

The Man in Black

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