Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday - pt. 2 - Apr 16

Just wanted to tie up some loose ends here. As I mentioned previously, the world does not stop on a dime just because it's a Christian holiday.

Pope Benedict XVI is calling for world peace. Well of course he is. I mean the dude isn't going to call for world war now, is he? Besides, that's Osama Bin Laden's job.

Here is Jack Kinsella of Omega Letter on the timing of the Rapture. I dunno, it seems as good as any to talk about such things on Easter Sunday.

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions Dep't: It seems the locals in southern Afghanistan are misunderstanding Islam as they are not fond of the Canadian aid workers there. Wow. Like I didn't see that one coming AT ALL! Such ingratitude. What a farce.

Iran is following in Russia's footsteps as it promises $50 million to the 'Palestinians'. It seems Ezekiel's prophecy (ch. 38, 39) is drawing ever closer.

More on Iran as it develops it's nuclear capabilities. How un-Islamic of them!

Here is a cool blog I stumbled upon. It is very Jewish for those of us who are interested in such mundane things as God's plan of redemption for Israel.
Zion Truth

That's all for today. Look for a fresh post tomorrow.

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A couple of interesting links on the curtural factors that turn Muslims turn into killing machines when they come to the West