Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Egypt and Da Coach - Apr 18

Fans of the Numbskull Hockey League, rejoice! The playoffs begin and there are four Canadian teams to root for. Well, three for sure anyways. In the West, the two Alberta teams are in (Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames) and two in the East (Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens).
In the West:

1) Sorry Oilers fans, but Detroit is REALLY good. I mean scary good. A lot of things will have to go wrong for Detroit and a lot of things will have to go right for Edmonton in order for the Oil to pull the 8-1 upset. Wings in five.

2) Calgary has the best chance of all four, having been in the finals already. The #1 hope for Canada. Barring a Mikka Kipprusof(sp?) meltdown, Flames should do well.

And in the East:

1) There is some good news for Montreal fans though. After your first round defeat Oiler fans might offer you a shoulder to cry on. Or not. Anyways, the Habs aren't facing the Bruins this year, so say goodbye Montreal.

2) There is only one thing Ottawa has to worry about: Goaltending. Ray Emory is a sieve and Hasek ain't ready. These Senators killed my Leafs (7-1) and are a very skilled and fast team. Should that goalie problem be resolved, Ottawa will make some serious hay and meet the Flames in the final. And no, I'm not cheering for them.

And in the spirit of the coming playoffs, here is the CBC archives of THE GREATEST COACH OF ALL Don Cherry with Ron McLean.

Now for more serious stuff. No really, you can stop laughing now over that previous statement (Sigh). Anyhoo, here goes .....

The Japanese (!) are following Canada's footsteps and are suspending aid to Hamas. Now I know the first instinct is to say 'so what?'. That is until you realize that Japan has been filling Palestinian coffers to the tune of $840m since 1993. Now pick up that jaw of the floor, otherwise somebody will trip over it and get hurt.

On April, 26, 1986, one of the greatest nuclear accidents occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Yes, that's twenty years ago. Good Lord, I still remember that. How time has flown by since then.

There is some rare good news out of Israel as Olmert has decided not to retaliate for that Tel Aviv bombing yesterday. I mean peace and love aren't exactly breaking out all over, but it's better than nothing. Another similar stunt in the future by Hamas or PIJ will not be overlooked though.

From Ynet News: Egypt, our 'ally' in the WOT has come out IN FAVOR of that TA bombing. Read this article first before you read Hugh Fitzgerald's remedy for this deplorable situation.

I have mentioned the name Ali Gomaa, who is Egypt's Grand Mufti. He has just issued a fatwa declaring that all of Egypt's statues should be destroyed. If the Egyptians are that stupid as to kill the goose that laid the golden egg, then I say let them. They can then kiss those Western tourist dollars, which is counted in the billions, goodbye. Not biting the hand that feeds you is a proverb that is seemingly lost on Muslim minds. Follow the link to the original CSM story if you want. I'm giving you the short version here.

Praise and Glory to Him,

The Man in Black

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