Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday - Apr 14

Well, if you're a fan of the Barrie Colts (and who isn't?), there is good news and bad news. The good news is you've just defeated the Brampton Battalion four games to one. The bad news? The Peterborough Petes are your next opponent. The Colts will be up against a formidable foe but have compiled an impressive 8-1 playoff record (4-0 at home, 4-1 on the road). I predict Barrie in six. Go Colts Go!

Today is of course Good Friday, a day of reflection as we remember Christ's suffering at the hands of Pontius Pilate. In recognition, it will be matters of faith (not hockey!) that will dominate this post.

As is always the case, the papacy gets a fair bit of media coverage every Easter. This is Benedict XVI's first Easter celebration and he is coming out with all guns a blazin'. Go get 'em Benny!

It also comes as no surprise that as the Passion week comes to a close, Israel is once again finding itself in the crosshairs of Satan's fury and hatred.

Two items as it pertains to the Jewish faith:

1) A Jewish rabbi is calling for Jews to take the challenge of reading the New Testament(!). Why is it that the Jewish people (who are an educated, skilled and literate bunch) are ignorant of NT theology? Such group-think should surely not be part of Jewish society.

2) Christ, Our Passover Lamb: A Christian church immerses itself with OT teachings about the Exodus. It is also using it as an outreach to evangelize the Jewish people. Naturally, some are none too pleased about this.

To Israel's southwest we go as we hear of strange goings on in the land of Egypt.

1) A Muslim male 'went postal', killing a Coptic parishioner and wounding five others with some knives.

2) Will a fatwa issued by Egyptian grand mufti Ali Gomaa lead to the destruction of Egypt's glorious (and ancient) past? Writer Youssef Ibrahim does not discount the possibility:

Meet two people on opposite sides as those misunderstanders of Islam make our lives miserable. Here is Zacarias Moussaoui, Islamic thug and an enemy of freedom. While I'm at it, here also is Naseem Bibi, a Pakistani woman, is in trouble with the religious police for defending the faith.

From Daniel Pipes: Why is militant Islam the proverbial 'pink elephant' in the room? Or how is it that PC blinds us so that we cannot call a spade a spade?
Update: My comments have just been posted there. It is under the poster's name of 'Cap'n Canada'. Sure it's a lame name. However, I dare you to do better!

Here are two links from Good News Magazine that ought to be in everyone's 'Favorite' folder (very relevant for this Easter weekend).
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Have a Happy Easter everyone!
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