Monday, April 03, 2006

Iran's New Toys, Russia and Quebec - Apr 3

I have a lot to cover today so I will dispense with my usual preamble. I do have a cool prophetic link for you to check out, though, plus an assortment of links from around the world.

From The Jerusalem Post: Iran has some new toys to play with including a radar avoiding missile and a high-speed marine missile, the kind that even the Grinch wouldn't touch (with a 39 1/2' pole).

Russia is once again on the move. Naturally, that is bad news for the West and America's favorite ally in the ME, Israel.

1) The Russians are building a 'strategic alliance' to the Islamic world.

2) Trouble at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia:

3) Former PM Kasyanov is warning about the growing power of Putin, Kremlin:

Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch on Quebec's suicidal immigration policy.

Let the carnage begin: Canada's 39th gallery of rogues, er, I mean parliament opens today. Now remember boys and girls, any bad behaviour will be given a time-out!

Also from the CBC - 27 dead in U.S. Midwest as fierce storms create havoc. Get used to it folks, 2006 will be another doozy weather-wise.

Here is David Walker giving us the straight goods on the American economy. Once you enter there will be a tab labelled 'video'. It runs 23:12 but it is well worth it (Real player req'd).

From straight talk to silly talk, an article from that will cause your jaw to drop. Remember, reprobate thinking is S.O.P. in these 'interesting' times that we live in.

All for His Glory,

The Man in Black

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