Sunday, April 23, 2006

Islam and the Western Media - Apr 23

I find that when I am composing a post that the main thrust of the post tends to happen quite naturally. Ask any songwriter and they will tell you it is useless to force an idea or theme. Rather, allow the theme to choose itself and learn to ride the wave of creativity. With that idea in mind, I have chosen Islam and it's (often rocky) relationship with the Western media. The supreme irony of all this is that we can have so much information and yet so little knowledge at the exact same time.

"May you live in interesting times." - Chinese proverb and curse

You may well remember the furor that a bunch of cartoons in a Danish paper caused in the Muslim world. Now, the media is FINALLY admitting that indeed it was intimidated by Muslim (mis)behaviour. A blow to free speech? You bet but fortunately not a fatal one (yet).

The World's Most Hated Man has crawled out from under his rock to once again offer his opinion. There is no 'gap' that exists between OBL's worldview and our worldview. No, it is more like a massive abyss, one that can never be crossed.

To show you the hardening of attitudes over here I have included two editorials, one from the Washington Post and the other from the New York Times. Both deal with Hamas and it is interesting to note the harder edge that was noticeably absent three or four years ago. Even in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Muslims worldwide were given the benefit of the doubt. After reading these two op-eds, it appears that period of grace towards Hamas and Islam in general has come to a crashing halt.
(Note: You may need to register to the NYT to read the following article.)

I want you to read this article from the New York Sun very carefully. It talks about the Muslim-Coptic clashes that have been occurring in Egypt recently. In the article it says that the rioting began when the Muslim crowds saw a cross being raised. I don't know about you, but this sent shivers down my spine. One of Satan's greatest humiliations occurred at the cross when Jesus died for all our sins. I know where this hatred comes from. It comes directly from the Prince of Darkness himself.

In the state of Pennsylvania comes a story of a bunch of Christian students who wish to make their voice be heard. The lawsuits are a flyin' all over the place. Not a cool scene. The attempt to disenfranchise those who follow Christ continues unabated. The message is clear. "Sit down and shut the hell up! Your opinions are no longer welcome or even tolerated."

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