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Jihad and the Money Trail - Apr 8

I've been really busy the past couple of days so I've not had the chance to do a proper post. I have decided that this post will concentrate on jihad and the flow of money. While the 'winning of hearts and minds' of Muslims is turning into a complete wash, we can, at the very least starve them of funds and bring their ideological drive to it's knees. The West, meaning America and the EU, must make it a point not to fund an implacable enemy that is hell-bent on destroying the West and instituting Sharia law. Islam's so-called 'peace' is the peace of a graveyard. Islam is slavery. Islam is death. Let's stop funding it!

Here is the rock-solid Hugh Fitzgerald on why we should end the jizya.

Funding of Hamas to be cut by the EU and the United States.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Hamas is calling this move 'hasty'. These guys have absolutely zero shame. Sorry, but we are on to your little games. If it were me, I would have cut the money off sooner and go much deeper than this. Humanitarian aid to the Palestinians? A very cynical ploy if you ask me.

From Jihad Watch is an article about how the rest of the Arab world should take over funding of Hamas. Sorry, but I find this a bit humorous. When that massive tsunami in the Indian Ocean occurred, it's victims were mostly Muslims. Where did most of the charity come from? America and the West. And where, oh where, were the Saudis (who, by sheer dumb luck, are sitting on the world's oil reserves) helping with the relief effort? So needless to say, I'm not worried.

I'm really hoping this turns out big: Israel may be sitting on some big oil reserves. If the amount found is small, then this changes little. A huge amount of oil will cause a political earthquake. Should America and Europe turn their collective affections toward Israeli oil, then the mostly Muslim OPEC will have a serious problem on their hands. Not to mention a drop in prices, which will sap their ability to fund jihad.

Meet Sergey Lavrov. Not only the Russian FM, but a member (in good standing I might add) of the Professional Liars Club. Jon Lovitz, step aside!

Why is it that Muslims, and only Muslims, like to blow up mosques? Jews don't destroy synagogues. Christians don't blow up churches. Heck, even the Scientologists and Mormons are well behaved by comparison. But Muslims and mosques? Fuhgeddaboutit!

From the archives of Rapture Ready comes the importance of Iraq in Bible prophecy.

Whew! Believe me when I tell you I had to do some massive editing to get this post together. So much going on with so little space and time to report it.

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