Sunday, April 30, 2006

Money, Iran, Jihad and a PIG - Apr 30

I have some odds and sods here, so I'm going to dispense with my usual clever banter and get right to it.

In Dubai UAE, they are having serious money laundering problems. All the more reason to move towards a cashless society and a microchip implant I'm guessing.

The Canadian dollar is at an all-time high since June 1978. This is just killing us as doing business with the U.S. and other countries becomes more expensive.

Why should we develop alternate fuels? Because it denies the followers of that 'religion of peace' hard currency with which they use to fund jihad against us.

Iran is flexing it's muscles in a bid to become the local hegemon. The JINSA article is a little wordy but it is worth it.

The PIG is not a pig. No, it is the Politically Incorrect Guide (P.I.G., geddit?) to Islam (and the Crusades), written by Jihad Watch's director, Robert Spencer. Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online offers his review.

And to get Mr. Spencer's book, go to and do a search:

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