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Remembering Vimy Ridge - April 9, 1917

According to the lawyers, Canada was born July 1st, 1867. The reality however, is that Canada was birthed as a nation 89 years ago on this day in 1917. Here are some other cool websites to check out concerning Vimy Ridge.

Joyce Kennedy offers this moving tribute to those who fought.

From here is the text and the maps of Vimy:

The Man in Black

The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a World War I battle in which Canadian forces scored an important Victory over the Germans. Canadians captured Vimy Ridge, a hill near the town of Arras, in Northern France during a horrible snowstorm.
The Battle Began April 9, 1917. The Canadian Corps were part of the British Army and the battle was part of the British Spring offensive. The British attacked Arras while at the same time Canadians attacked Vimy Ridge.
There were two main goals of the offensive. The first was to draw the German troops away from Aisne, a town that the French were to attack one week later. The second goal was to win Arras and Vimy Ridge, a goal which Canadians reached on April 14, 1917 while under the command of British General Julian Byng.
100,000 Canadians took part in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Sadly, 3,598 were killed and 7,004 were wounded.
A memorial remnant was originally constructed by members of the 44th Battalions which along with the 46th and 50th Battalions captured the part of Vimy Ridge known as the Pimple on April 10, 1917.

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