Monday, April 10, 2006

Two Lost Causes - The Ottawa Renegades and 'Palestine'. - Apr 10

I've decided to go outside my comfort zone and offer some sports info. The 'gades are toast (again) and so is a Hamas-led gov't in fictional 'Palestine'. Not to worry though. My beloved Barrie Colts led by Bryan Little (PBUH) hammered the useless Brampton Battalion 6-1 on Sunday to take a 2-1 series lead. If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, you gotta believe the Colts are gonna take this series in five games. But of course, JHVH knows best.

An utter disaster in Ottawa somehow not involving our gov't has occurred. No more football as the CFL folds the Ottawa Renegades. Yawn. Whatever.

In Iqaluit, a heart-warming story about rebuilding a destroyed church and enduring faith.

Here is an update on that horrific mass murder near London, ON. The police have made some quick arrests but of course are being mum on the details.

Not to cause any panic, but I think our CDS (Gen. Rick Hillier) has lost his mind. Mr. Harper, are you paying attention?

Speaking of lost causes, it appears Israel and the EU are sick of playing reindeer games with Hamas. Go get 'em boys, and don't spare the horses.

Here are some money figures that will make you jaw drop. Check out the annual 'jizya' tax we give to the Palestinians (spit). So much money, yet so little to show for it. Nothing a Jewish accountant and a Christian foreman couldn't fix I'm sure.

Lastly, here is the cool blog of the week. I think the dude is an Egyptian Copt. It's funny, profane and laissez-faire. As any good blog should be.
Sand Monkey

Cheerio (that means goodbye, not the cereal)

The Man in Black

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