Sunday, May 28, 2006

Haven't Posted In Awhile - May 28

Hello X-Def fans, I've been awfully busy or tired, hence no proper postings from yours truly. I turned 36 last Thursday (May 25) and I'm telling you that I feel every inch of it. It amazes me how people live their lives like they aren't going to die. As far as they are concerned, this life is it and que sera, sera. Materialism baffles me. I mean, if this is truly it, then what's the point? It is life that has no hope. Some have hope, but it is a false hope. A Muslim who commits shahada (martyrdom operations) is like one with a false hope. They tragically find out all too late that there isn't 72 virgins waiting for them on the 'other side'. No, they find themselves in eternal hell, the victims of an evil bait-and-switch trick by 'Allah'. My friend, if you have no hope, a false hope or an unsure hope, please do not be discouraged. Ask for Jesus to fill your life. There is no substitute for a sure, steady and real hope to strengthen and encourage the inner will. Make that first step today and rest on God's assurances. In this unsteady world, faith in Christ is surer than any earthly riches.

Please pray for the people of Indonesia. They still haven't recovered from that massive tsunami in Dec, '04. Mount Merapi is still in danger of erupting and now they've had a big earthquake with the death toll in the thousands.

In East Timor, Australian troops are trying desperately to impose some sort of order as local militias do battle.

This is old news (relatively speaking), but I decided to include this because I wanted to make a point. Often times as a Christian I'm asked, "If God is good, why so much evil?" You see, God does allow sin for a season before He judges. The Enron scandal is a case point. Was God absent as Mr. Lay and Mr. Skilling duped investors and Wall Street? No, He was there all along. You see, the people that ask me those type of questions about God and His justice are those that adopt the short and narrow view. Once you start taking the longer and wider view, you see that sin is ALWAYS judged. Believe me, you don't want God to judge all sin immediately. That is foolish thinking (not one of us would be alive today I reckon). But when God says "Times up!", judgement follows swiftly. It's what I like to call the 'Mystery of History'. God's timetable is perfect. ALL sin is judged, just not when we expect it.

From Michael Fumento comes a picture gallery of Iraq through the eyes of an embedded journalist. Sad, tragic, comic and surreal, all in one. 250 pictures in all.

New World Order Alert:

1) Tony Blair is bloody well at it again, this time calling for the reform of the Useless Nations (aka the UN). What is the deal with the Left, which is clearly hypnotized and beguiled by the United Nations? It is Man's desire to rule himself, independent of God's sovereign authority.

2) The Bilderbergers are having their annual meeting, this time in Ottawa. Canadian luminaries include Stephen Harper and Conrad Black. A must read.

3) Iran is hoping to form an axis to oppose the United States. How does Russia, India and China sound? Russia will involve itself with Iran, Libya and various Horn of Africa countries as they launch an all-out attack against Israel (see Ezekiel 38 and 39). As for China and India, I believe these two powers will comprise the armies of Armageddon as the 'Kings of the East'. Bible prophecy is for real, my friend.

This website is a must-see as well. It was created by a brilliant 19 year-old kid named Ryan Mauro. You read correctly. NINETEEN! Unbelievable.
World Threats

Social unrest appears to be a regular feature in today's news. Jesus said that the nations of the world will be reeling, like the waves on a stormy sea. We see this in Tehran, Iran and in Moscow, Russia.

That's enough for today. Be of good cheer and let not your heart be troubled.

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