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The Jizya Tax - Just Say No! - May 9

Allright X-Def fans (plural?), have I got some good stuff today. You may be asking, "What is the jizya?" The jizya, properly understood, is a kind of 'tribute' tax non-Muslims have to hand over to their Muslim masters. In other words, it's a form of religious racketeering, or 'protection' money. It is pure Sopranos, minus the peppy dialogue and sharp looking Italian-made suits. Much to cover, so lets get to it.

I start this post with an essay from the erudite Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch on the growing problem in Gaza and elsewhere.

Here is something that's really bugging me. Apparently, the EU and the UN are starting up a 'temporary international mechanism' to keep the funds flowing into Hamas coffers. Never mind the following:
1) Hamas will never recognize Israel because Islam will never recognize Israel.
2) Hamas will never renounce violence. Same deal with Islam.
3) This 'temporary' nonsense is utter bullshit. Since Israel's inception, the Palestinians have been the world's biggest welfare case. Do they really believe that another three months is going to make a big difference?
4) There is no law and order in Gaza. So called 'police' are nothing more than armed thugs and criminals terrorizing their own people. And lastly ....
5) We owe these people nothing. This is not our problem. 'Stop defending the indefensible' is, I believe, perfectly applicable here.

To prove my point, check out this article from DEBKAfile.

Four article from around the world concerning Canada, Iran, North Korea, and the Russians

PM Stephen Harper has taken to task MP Maurice Vellacott for his criticism of judicial activism and the Supreme Court in particular. Despite some of the more 'colorful' criticisms, I think Vellacott is absolutely bang-on with his assessment. It's too bad this kind of talk is muzzled. We need more MPs like this who are willing to call a spade a spade. Or a judge a 'god'. Take your pick.

I posted something like this awhile back about the 'Iranian Oil Bursary'. It amounted to this: Iran wants to sell it's oil in euros instead of dollars. Saddam Hussein was trying to do the same in 2000, hence the cynical launch of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' in 2003.

As if H5N1 (aka the bird flu) wasn't a big enough worry by itself, the North Koreans are trying to 'weaponize' the bird flu. I pray that the North Koreans fail miserably in their endeavour.

Russia is trying to make nice with the Americans after Dick Cheney made the Bush administration's opinion clear about Russian democracy heading in reverse. 'Burying the hatchet' is a fine idea. However, if you're trying to bury the hatchet in each other's head then you have some serious problems.

Lastly, three articles from euobserver about the 'revived Roman empire'.

Is the UK going to lift it's veto on police matters? It seems implausible that the UK would be so willing to hand its policing powers over to Brussels but that seems to be the direction that the UK is taking.

All is not happy, happy as tensions mount between national and European parliaments. Underming national sovereignty will do that.

The European free press (or what appears to be left of it) are also in the thick of things.

Lotsa stuff. Whew.....

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