Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Perilous Times Shall Come - May 17

You know, with the release of the DaVinci Code this Friday, there is something unmistakeable going on. Lies and deception are having a field day. Telling the truth is becoming more and more hazardous to your health (even smoking is considered cooler that prophesying). What used to slink around back alleys is now strutting itself right down the middle of Main Street. These are perilous times we are living in friend. A time when it is perfectly permissible to assail and slander Jesus Christ, but don't you dare draw a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. A time when our so-called leaders are without direction and purpose (will someone please wake up poor W!) and what's worse, appear to be in cahoots with the enemy (Tony Blair, George Galloway). A time of natural disasters, over and above the 'usual' amount of carnage. A time of wars and rumours of wars. Yes, things are not looking good. However, all is not lost. You see, Jesus promised eternal life to those who were willing to believe and trust in Him. Jesus also promised a distinct and literal time in human history called the millennium, a 'Golden Age' which will be a thousand year reign of our Lord. So when I talk of Bible prophecy, I am NOT dealing with doom and gloom. I'm not looking at the tribulation, a time of terror of seven years, I'm looking at those thousand years of genuine peace on Earth, goodwill towards all men. My vision is far greater that the mundane and the routine. How you may ask? When I asked Jesus in my heart, something happened. God's very spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, came inside me to dwell forever. It is the HS that bring God's word to life, convicting you of sin. It is the HS that causes me to worship Jesus and give glory to the Father. And finally, it is the HS that is driving this whole blog. My friend, do you want this? Do want a sense of direction in your life? Do you want to fully understand what's REALLY going on in this dying world of ours? Do you want to bypass the tribulation and go to the millennium? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready to receive Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Just ask Him to forgive you and fully enter into your life and I guarantee you that you will be saved. Today, yes today, is the acceptable hour of your salvation! Eternity awaits your answer.

From USA Today, an interesting article from a female reporter about DVC:

Here is some strong encouraging news from the Gospel for Asia website:

Don't you get the idea that if Pope Benedict XVI ever got really mad he'd start turning green and expand to twice his size with nothing but muscles? I can see it now. "GRRRRRR, POPE MAD! MUSLIMS MAKE POPE ANGRY!" Well, what can I say? We all need our Catholic fantasies apparently.

Here is a photo gallery of Merapi, that volcano in Indonesia that is making headlines around the world.

Is RU-486 aka 'The Abortion Pill' safe? No it is not. Is it just me, or does it seem that all the Pro-Choice arguments that are being brought to bear in favor of abortion are turning to dust?

I have reported on this before but I believe it is worth re-posting. Iran is attempting to sell it's oil in euros rather than dollars. As America's largest trading partner (China? No, it's Canada you fool!) this is not insignificant news.

Some guy called Winston Blackmore in Bountiful B.C. has 20+ wives and 103 kids is saying he is being persecuted. That's right, he is a polygamist. My mind is spinning here. I'm guessing he will hire some hot-shot lawyer and start screaming about how his 'rights' are being violated. I mean if marriage is no longer an exclusive union of one man and one woman, then why not polygamy? If I want to have sex with goats and various other livestock, I would merely have to thrust my fist into the air and say the magic word 'Rights!'. They would HAVE to give it to me. Rights is rights, right?

Lastly, here is a cool blog for you to check out:
Libra Bunda

The Man in Black


Anonymous said...

Brilliant to see the gospel for asia stuff, its as much important for the west to understand why christ conciousness is on the rise in the hindu faith, their rich understanding places them in a perfect position for christ to be re-claiming his throne, as their beliefs led to buddhism and are oozing with the very stuff that was present in the essene gospel teachings. I believe the Hopi Indians are also befriending hindus and buddhists now as brothers, these are people that the USA should really be taking note of in these days.

Cecil said...

It is very obvious that we are experiencing perilous times. We should remember what Jesus said while he was still on earth. He said that when we see these things occurring, we should look up because our redemption is drawing near. Let us live pure and holy, because we do not know when he will appear

Anonymous said...

Yes but in the time of Jesus it has to be noted that people still held long lost knowledge of reading signs in the heavens.
For instance in revelations we have the referance to the 144000 and the mayan calender for the 2012 end time has a count of 144000 as these peoples ancient ways read signs from the heavens.
Also our own stone henge was set up for that same purpose, and the Druids not only had beliefs in Isa or Jesus but where also of a much ancient understanding. So yes we where told to look up, as the signs of what is taking place now is down to the Lords will being done on earth as it is in heaven.
Something Christ also spoke of was "why do you ask what the end will be like, if you do not yet know the begining" This obviously relates to the Alpha and Omega.
As the end and begining are both one and the same, but it also is a message for us to look to the past, to understand the future.