Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Prophecy of the Sabbath - May 14

In the first chapter of Genesis, God revealed to Moses that the earth was created in six days and that the seventh day was given unto Man as a day of rest. Understand this about the Shabbat: God gave the Sabbath for Man's benefit, not for God's. We see the pattern repeat itself throughout the Torah (Leviticus) and is especially prevalent in the Book of Revelation (of Jesus Christ). That is you have six periods of activity followed by a period of rest. In Peter's writings he reveals a mystery, unknown in the OT, that a thousand years is but a day in God's eyes (2 Pet 3:8). The Sabbath is a prophecy revealing nothing less than the millenial reign of Jesus Christ! Keep in mind that the Jewish year is 5766. That is, five 'days' are already past and we are in that sixth, or final, yom (Jewish word for day). The seventh 'yom' (or Sabbath) is when Jesus will have dominion over the Earth along with ALL of His saints. Jewish Law is NOT about God giving us a bunch of religious laws because He can, rather, it represents two things:

1) It is a divine revelation of God's personality and His love for us.

2) It is a divine revelation of His perfect redemption plan for mankind.

This is something that has escaped the Jews attention, much to their detriment. Those studying Bible prophecy thinking it's 'doom and gloom' have gloriously missed the point. It is instead the most beautiful love story ever written by none other than the Creator Himself.

So this post is about upheaval, which of course comes in many forms. It could be man-made. It could be in the natural realm. And yes, even in the supernatural realm. The 'Day of the Lord' will come, my friend. God Himself has said so.

In Indonesia, locals are still refusing to leave the side of an erupting volcano. What kills me is that they are looking for some mystical 'sign' before they leave. Great. Tell that to the volcano. Consider the following:
1) It's raining rocks.
2) Lava (liquid rock) is spewing forth.
3) Loud explosions are heard.
4) The ground is literally shaking beneath your feet.
5) Massive clouds of smoke and lethal gas are usually a dead giveaway.
I dunno, these sure look like tell-tale signs to me. I just know I wouldn't be sticking around to see a pyroclastic flow heading my way. Apathy and ignorance rule once more.

In south Texas, we see a new and horrible disease that is afflicting some people there. First the story, then the official site, and a Bible verse to pique your interest. WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!!

Organized criminals in Sao Paolo, Brazil go on a cop-killing rampage. Up to fifty people are known to be dead or injured.

In Iraq, fresh violence rips the country in two.

The IDF is taking care of business in the West Bank.

More nonsense from 'Cartoongate': A crowd of 50,000 in Pakistan gather for a funeral of a young man that died in custody in Germany. All sympathetic to the deceased's militancy no doubt.

In the Philippines, Tropical Storm Chanchu leaves behind a trail of destruction.

Remember that letter that was sent by Iran's Thug-In-Chief to W? Divine inspiration apparently! An Iranian cleric says so.

Abide in the Lord and He will abide in you.

Johnny Cash


forrestshalom said...

good post johnny.

i too strongly believe that we are very close to the beginning of the great tribulation.

although i don't believe the rapture is imminent(2 thess chap 2) due to the man of sin not being revealed. (apostacia could mean subjection to islam (such as billy graham and robert schuller have intimated): "positive islam" how about that statement: lol from schuller. only he would say something so stupid as that!

thanks for visiting my site a while back. i have a new website:

take care and God bless and direct!

forrest shalom

religion of pieces said...

"Abide in the Lord and he will abide in you" - Jesus is transcendent and immanent.

Unlike ..

One line of attack on Islam which doesn't seem to have been followed up in the blogosphere concerns the existence of Allah. Some atheists have tried to prove that Allah doesn't exist, but it may be far more damaging to Islam to demonstrate that Allah does indeed exist and to show where 'he' resides and what 'he' is.

Christians and Jews believe that G_d is transcendent and omnipresent, she is not located in any particular place and indeed both transcends and permeates the physical structure of the universe.

In total contrast, Muslims are obsessively concerned with directing their prayers towards one particular location on planet earth, and line up their prayer mats and build their mosques pointing within a fraction of a degree towards Mecca. Muslim astronauts get particularly confused when in orbit because their god resides on earth - the majesty of the cosmos is lost on them. They believe that if you don't aim your prayers accurately at Mecca they won't have any effect. Very strange!

So we must conclude that Allah lives somewhere in Mecca. The entire city, including hotels, car parks, public lavatories, electricity substations etc cannot be equally and universally holy. So what is the object of this idolatrous worship?

The structure that every Muslim bows down to five times a day is Allah's house - the Kaaba.

And yes, inside it you will find Allah himself, who does indeed exist, and is none other than - a meteorite!

Allah is a chunk of space junk.

dizzyfatplonka said...

Im pleased to see your hard work is being appreciated, personally it makes me wonder if christ is reclaiming his rightful throne now, maybe both Islam and orthodox christianity need to reform and accept the fact that they have been decieved, to differing extents. If its the LORDS will this will no doubt happen with patience of time.