Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Prophetic Jigsaw Puzzle - May 2

Can I ask you something? Have you ever completed a really big jigsaw puzzle (200+ pieces)? When you started, you began very slowly. However, as pieces began to fit in place, you noticed something. As the puzzle neared completion, the rate at which pieces where finding their proper place was accelerating. If a puzzle required an hour to complete, you found that you needed 45 minutes at least to get started. Yet only a quarter of the puzzle was completed! The last 15 minutes seemed like a blur to you as the other three-quarters of the puzzle fit into place rapidly. Friend, I'm going to suggest to you that we are in that last phase where pieces of the puzzle are rapidly fitting in and therefore nearing completion. Both 9/11 and the war in Iraq (2003 to present) have been major catalysts on God's prophetic calendar. Make no mistake, there is coming a time when there are no more pieces that have not found it's place. God will surely finish what He has promised, because He is a God that cannot lie or be defeated.

At the center of all Bible prophecy is the land of Israel. Here are some articles of note:

1) The PA is rapidly losing control due to lack of money. Not only has the West cut off funding, it is preventing funds stored in Arab banks to be released to the Hamas gov't.

2) PM Ehud Olmert is wasting little time, building a fence around Jerusalem. This is an astonishing advancement of Bible prophecy! In the OT book of Zechariah, a prophecy is given which states that Jerusalem will be considered a 'burdensome stone' that will cut to pieces anyone who tries to handle it.

Two stories of our 'ally' in the ME, Pakistan, has caught my attention:

1) In Islamabad (Islam-a-bad (idea)?) certain enterprising sickos are selling execution videos. Not to mention how to conduct jihad and other assorted trash.

2) A Pakistani scientist is being released after two years after admitting he was a full-blown nuclear proliferator. What a joke. As soon as the West comes distracted, confused, or apathetic, our Arab 'allies' release the criminals to spread more danger.

There are three articles from euobserver that merit our attention. To wit:

1) NGOs are raising a hullaballoo over the recent rise of a security-industrial complex that threaten to strangle freedoms. All for that 'global war on terror' they tell us. Utter hooey!

2) The EU is launching it's version of OnStar. Which is nice except they are making it mandatory. The cost of a car rises (because it's an unseen tax) and the police state merrily puts forward it's system of control in place. Yikes!

3) The EU data retention law is putting a noose around the European media. If journalists cannot protect their sources, then the very idea of a free press goes directly in the toilet. To be flushed by Big Brother, I'm sure.

4) Brussels has decided unilaterally to impose new counterfeiting laws on all the members of the EU. It is the position of Great Britain that ALL criminal law ought to be the sole domain of the states, not Brussels. A legal nightmare to be sure.

Not to be outdone, Matt Drudge weighs in on police 'super-units' that seem to be cropping up all over the place. The question being raised here, which is a valid one, is who exactly is overseeing these special units? I love the police and am very grateful for the hard work they do, but I'm sorry, this is too much.

Nature in Peril: I stumbled upon this link rather by accident. The article talks about the wave of extinctions that are taking place today. We may be in fact, right in the middle of Earth's sixth mass extinction. No easy answers, but a lot of questions are being raised.

Wow. Like I said earlier in the post, the pieces of the puzzle are rapidly coming together. Ask Jesus for forgiveness now. Accept the free pardon He and only He alone offers. Time is indeed running out.

The Man in Black

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I came across this Pakistani nuclear secrets seller once before, really enjoying your blogsite, and the end times view point of it, will add you as a link on my Brit site if you do not mind?
Hey what the heck, im going to just do it anyway and you can let me know if it was the wrong move! ALL THE BEST FOR OUR FUTURE.