Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Save Nazanin! - Justice, Iranian Style - May 23

I have reported on this earlier but I decided it was worth revisiting. An 18 year-old girl in Iran might possibly be hanged for, get this, self-defence. Some guys tried to rape her and her girlfriend, she pulls a knife and kills her potential rapist. If she had chosen not to resist, she would've been found guilty and given 100 lashes. Not to mention so-called honor killings, a common occurence in Islam. Yes sir, that's 'progressive' Islam for you. A very lethal Catch-22. Just remember, sins of omission are just as damning as sins of commision. So please do something. Read it all.

Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas) is calling for a the cessation of the firing of missiles (RPGs, Katyusha short-range rockets, mortars etc.) into Israel. No, Islam has not changed its black little heart one bit. This is merely tactics, my friend. This article brings to mind the signing of a false peace treaty between Antichrist and Israel which sets off the Triblulation.

The National Hurricane Center is predicting an 'above-average' hurricane season but not as bad as last year. I mean, how can you forget what Katrina did to New Orleans? Pray for the safety of those people living in Florida, the Gulf States and residents of the Caribbean.

Meet Gul Khan, al-Qaida slave trader and all-around heartless scumbag.

Here's a bizarre story from Baton Rouge, La as somebody goes on a rampage in a local church, killing four.

In Kootenay B.C., residents are still struggling with flooding. I think the problem in Quebec is receding though.

An aide to the Jordanian ambassador has been killed in the crossfire between Hamas and Fatah. As you would imagine, the Jordanians are none too pleased.

I want you to read this link to show you something. Three 'asian' men were found guilty of murder of a black English guy. However, there is a bit of a problem with this. Look at their pictures and their names. They're BLOODY MUSLIMS! Race was not the overriding factor here, it was ISLAM! The political correctness being displayed by the judge in this case turns my stomach. The victim was murdered because he was a non-Muslim, not because he was black. It makes me so angry this PC rubbish.

Two links on German Neo-Nazis, soccer (or football if you prefer) and the disturbing rise of extremism.

Gotta go. It's past my bedtime.

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