Monday, May 15, 2006

The Scorpion and the Frog - May 15


One day a scorpion and a frog were by a river's edge and both needed to get across to the other side. The scorpion said to the frog, "Mr. Frog, would you be so kind as to let me on your back as you swim across this river? I have important business to conduct on the other side and I cannot swim in such a strong current." The frog was a little perturbed and so began to question the scorpion's motives. The frog spoke, "Mr. Scorpion, while I can appreciate the fact that you have business to conduct on the other side of this river, please consider what you are saying. You are a scorpion. You have a large stinger at the end of your tail. As soon as I let you on my back you will proceed to sting me which I might add IS your nature." The scorpion, ready for this, replied, "My dear Mr. Frog, it is clearly not in my interest to sting you at all! I do need to get to the other side and I PROMISE that no harm will come to you." Well, this made a great deal of sense to the frog, so the scorpion crawled on his back to make the trek across the river. The frog was making good time getting across when all of a sudden, in the middle of the river no less, the scorpion began to sting the frog repeatedly. The frog, shocked at this development, cried, "Why, oh why are you doing this? You said you needed to get to the other side to conduct your business!". The scorpion replied casually, "Mr. Frog, you said it yourself. I am a scorpion. I have a large stinger at the end of my tail. And yes, it is in my nature to sting you." Then both the frog and the scorpion slipped below the river's surface, never to be seen again.

Putting the 'daffy' in Khadaffy Dep't: If you've been paying attention, Libya (the scorpion) is making nice with the U.S. (the frog). My advice to W and Condi? Proceed with caution.

Just to show you my wariness is somewhat merited, a link from on Khadaffy's true nature. Trust him? Not on your life.

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Three articles of note wrt the EU:

1) The Gov't Is My Friend Dep't: U.S. to access EU data retention info.

2) Angela Merkel is calling for a 'new era' in the EU. Not to be confused with the 'old era' which was totally fubar, I'm sure.

3) EU commision defends the use of 'high-level working groups'. I dunno, sounds a lot like the old (and very awful) 'soviet' system of the now defunct USSR. I fully expect them to start calling each other 'comrade' soon.

Birth Pangs R Us Dep't:

The first drought order in 11 years has been given in England and Wales.

Mahmoud Abbas is seeking financial assistance from none other than our 'ally' Vladimir Putin.

Malnutrition is stalking Iraqi children. Ask yourself this. Are the people of Iraq better off now than under Saddam? What a tragedy this cynical invasion is creating.

In Pakistan, a killer heat wave stalks the land. How hot? Try 50 C.

Massive flooding in Red Sox Nation and the NE United States:

In the business world, the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX for you MBA types) tumbles 206 points. I'm guessing that's not good.

Australia: You can do it here but not over there Dep't: In the land Down Under, they've decided to allow the 'bad' books, and get rid of the Good Book.

Christian persecution. The only 'acceptable' prejudice allowed today.

The Man in Black

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