Thursday, June 22, 2006

Asleep at the Wheel - Jun 22

In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus prophecied about certain things to look for just prior to His Second Coming. These signs (in no particular order) were as follows:

1) Deception and Apostasy
2) Wars and rumours of wars
3) The behaviour of Man will wax worse and worse
4) Signs in the earth and in the heavens
5) Apathy and indifference.

It is on this fifth point that we will concentrate for this post. It seems many churches (mine included) have either neglected or abandoned end-time prophecy. It is a lonely road for those who eagerly await His coming. Try starting a conversation about Jesus' return and you end up getting a shrug of the shoulders or outright hostility. My friend, take a good look around and tell me what you see. It isn't a pretty picture, is it? I yearn to see the end of conflict, the lies, the injustice and all the suffering that's going on. There is a general consensus that things cannot go on as they are, that something horrible is going to happen unless we do something, ANYTHING! We are waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it does (and it will), are you going to trust Jesus Christ for your salvation or your own cleverness? The choice is yours to make. Choose wisely.

I have two links from the CBC:

Kofi Annan is warning that we are 'sleepwalking' when it comes to nuclear proliferation. The UN, with its "All governments are created equal" mantra has been the proliferators biggest enabler so far. Kofi is right of course, but don't you think he's using his own personal soapbox to further his vision of a 'New World Order' with the UN at its head? Gosh, that sounds almost cynical if you ask me.

In Los Angeles, California, they're bracing for the 'Big One'. Despite the fact that Los Angelinos are aware of the day to day reality of earthquakes, I don't think many really appreciate or fully understand the level of latent destructive power that lays under their feet. In 2005 it was New Orleans with Katrina. Will 2006 be LA's year for disaster?

Here's a video link from Messianic Bible that is reaching out to Jews to tell them about Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. If you have some money you'd like to give to a ministry, I would suggest these people highly. Attempt only if you have a high-speed connection.

Mr. Schussel, the Austrian Chancellor is desperately trying to get a pan-European referendum (neverendum?) on the constitution that was rejected earlier by the French and Dutch voters. Even the biggest EU boosters are admitting that this is a long shot.

Peter MacKay got into it with the Iranians over the selection of their UN Human Rights delegate. In 2003, an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist (Zahra Kazemi) was arrested, raped, tortured and killed by Iran's much-feared security forces. Iran has been on Canada's permanent shit-list since then.

Please pray in earnest for the safety of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. If you don't have a reason to now you will after reading this:

Remember that whole 9/11 thingy? I dunno but it seems like a logical idea NOT give a whole bunch of Wahhabi Muslims commercial pilot licences. Friends, I can't make this stuff up even if I tried. From the lovely Michelle Malkin (sigh):

Two articles about unhappiness abounding in both Egypt, and in Iran.

History is Fun (sort of) Dep't: On June 22, 1941 Hitler launched the biggest land invasion in history against the (country formerly known as) the Soviet Union. Germany did NOT lose the war fighting the West. Hitler lost the war in the Russian steppes, cities, and plains. It was Russia that bore the brunt of Nazi aggression, not us.

From a downer to an upper, the BBC has a fun multiple choice quiz on World Cup chants from the fans of various countries. Some are pretty funny as they sound out of tune and quite drunk. I did mediocre with a score of 5 out of 10. Eight or higher makes you either a football god or a master linguist.

I tried to do this last night but for some reason got stuck on my last link. You shoulda seen me. Not a happy camper. Oh well, it appears I've got my stuff together now.

Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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