Saturday, June 24, 2006

Denial, Not Just a River in Egypt - Jun 24

It seems in this time that we are living in, there is a great deal of denial going on. In the West, we are in denial about an enemy living amongst us that has sworn to overthrow our way of life in order to replace it with something out of Orwell's '1984'. In the Arab world, five years after the fact, many still refuse to believe that it was Arab Muslims who carried out the 9/11 attacks. Apathy and denial. Denial and apathy. Add that dreaded 'human error' into the equation and you have a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

By now you've heard of those 'Chicago Seven' who tried to blow up the Sears Tower. Read this link carefully. It says that some of the accused also read the Bible. It's a nice moral equivalency touch from the radical egalitarianists. All religion is equally bad or good, no matter what the history books say.

Oblivious to the Obvious Dep't: (From jihadwatch) It seems more and more that humanity is breaking into two irreconcilable and hostile camps. The poll statistics sure bear it out.

Also from jihadwatch is a revealing video of Islam's true intentions and why we simply cannot let up, no matter what. Where it says click 'here', then do that. Requires Windows Media.

You know, there are few if any musical acts that can even touch Pink Floyd. Think 'The Dark Side of the Moon'. The heady Sid Barrett years. And who can forget the double album 'The Wall'? Unfortunately Roger Waters has now decided that he is an expert on the ME, Israel in particular as he declares, "Tear down the wall!" (Israel's separation barrier). Sorry Rog, love your music but your politics is way off base here.

New World Order Alert: The U.S. has now admitted that it tracks a lot of private bank transactions in the 'War on Terror'. If you're thinking, "Well, I've got nothing to hide", then I think you're being terribly naive. I understand that we are at war against a relentless enemy. I just don't believe we have to surrender our mind, body and soul to our governments to achieve this.

Fifth Column Jihad Dep't: Do we have to start monitoring mosques now? Michael Ledeen of the NRO says yes we should. Another example of a slippery slope but certainly one that has 'reasonable doubt' written all over it. I believe in freedom of speech, but not when it includes outright sedition and incitement to riot. Freedom of speech does not cover someone yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre if there is in fact, no fire. Imams cannot be calling for a violent coup d'etat against democratically elected governments, regardless of your political views.

From Jerusalem Post comes an interesting story of a political earthquake in tiny Kuwait. Obviously, anything that undermines radical Wahabbi Islam is a good thing. Who knows, maybe this whole 'government by the people, for the people' might actually catch on in the ME.

Poor Indonesia. Lately that archipelago country cannot catch even a small break with Mother Nature as it reports massive flooding.

From the site, an interesting take on Europe's energy needs. The solution? Liquid natural gas (aka LNG). Either it brings prosperity or it brings war. Time will tell.

Two items from the CBC to close out this post.

As I reported earlier, that dispute between the Iranians and Peter MacKay (with PM Harper's blessing) is still going hot and heavy. In other words, it's the exact opposite of Peter MacKay and Belinda Stronach. Ouch!

How Many Newfies Does It Take to Screw in a Lightbulb Dep't: Do you remember your high school graduation? Not me. I DO know that Courtney Diamond will remember hers. Why? Because she's the only one to graduate. A graduation class of one. I am not making this up. Honest.

Congrats to Germany and Argentina for their World Cup playoff wins today. England goes against Ecuador tomorrow for future football glory. Go get 'em Becks!

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