Sunday, June 25, 2006

The god Of This World - Jun 25

It's hard not to look at all the chaos around and ask, "What is going on? Who or what is causing all this trouble?" All of our secular high-brow thinkers of our day have not come up with even one sure-fire solution. They've had many ideas to be sure, some of which have alleviated people's suffering for a while, only to slip back into old, bad habits. So what gives? I believe there are many within our gov't that do generally care about their constituents, but here is the problem. Speaking from a mathematical standpoint, you cannot apply a 2-dimensional solution to a 3-dimensional problem. That is, they consistently miss the spiritual element that is part of man's makeup. We are not merely the physical space that we inhabit. You and I were meant to have an eternal love relationship with the Father by way of the Son. It is Jesus, and only Jesus, that can fill that 'God-sized' hole in your heart. Life becomes a nasty, brutish and short endeavour without Him. So it should come as no surprise that Satan (the god of this world) will do everything is his demonic power to cut you off from God's perfect, eternal love. What else can explain the carnage out there without considering the spiritual aspect? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret that is going to be tough to swallow: Your mind is being bombarded every single day by Satan's influence. In other words, your mind is not your own. But, but, you protest, surely it is! Please listen to me. Every white lie you've ever spoken, every lustful word/action, every murderous deed that has ever crossed your mind has come directly from Satan himself. I know this because I've experienced it personally myself. The truth is, if you are not sealed by God's Holy Spirit, then you will believe every single lie from the wicked one. You are hopeless and helpless against the wiles of the Devil without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My friend, this world needs discernment more than ever. Do you want truth? Do you want to know, without a doubt, what is real and what is fake? Do you desire direction and purpose in your life? Do you want grace under pressure? Then will you do yourself a favor? Ask Jesus to be at the center of everything that you do and are. Just ask Him. Confess (agree with God) that you are a sinner and ask Him to take up residence in you. Then thank Him. When you are ready, ask Him for the courage to make your faith a public one. Please do this today. Today, yes today!, is the acceptable hour of YOUR salvation.

An article from worldnetdaily on today's lack of faith and discernment:

When the Devil is not in the business of lying and murdering, he's also in the business of accusing and harrassing God's children, even when it's a private conversation.

In the United States, New Orleans in particular, murder is on it's way up. I mean it's all over the place! Even places where violent crime is traditionally on the low end of the scale it appears to be rising.

The Muslim world is under full-time attack as Hezbollah (Shia) and al-Qaida (Sunni) are at each other throats. Brother shall be set against brother and the love of many shall grow cold. Not that I'm complaining too harshly. I'm not fond of any kind of Islamic unity thank you.

In a similar vein, Hugh Fitzgerald takes on the 'Islam is not a monolith' argument and turns it on it's head.

In Pakistan, a woman gets raped for leaving her Muslim faith behind while embracing Christianity. This type of harsh treatment is not uncommon for those individuals who leave Islam. Sadly, it's usually at the hands of their family as they are the ones who murder them or report them to authorities.

Lastly some Canadian content as the Harper government is in the business of some massive military procurement. Like about $15b to be spread out over the next couple of years. No thanks of course to our previous Liberal gov'ts as they plotted and schemed against our own soldiers.

Remember, Satan is not the product of an overactive mind. Nor is he a silly superstition as some would say. He is real. And he wants full-time access to your mind. Please do not give Satan the victory! Believe on the name of Jesus and you WILL be saved. Do it today.

Whew. Talk about intensity!

The Man in Black

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Pastors stopped from spreading the word, demons at work in the minds of mortals?