Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Law of Unintended Consequence - Jun 28

One of the sure signs that we are headed towards the tribulation era is the phenomenal growth in technology. I love the internet (obviously!) and find all the stuff out there to be really interesting. I'm not some techno-geek by any stretch but you find that you do have to know something about computers to get by in society. While things like blogging and the net can be a force for liberation, it can also be used as a weapon. It is a well known fact that there are listening ears out there who, for the sake of public safety, have to listen to internet chatter on the world wide web. Gov'ts track jihadi web-sites for any hot new info on an impending attack. It goes without saying that the Muslims who frequent these chat rooms are fully aware of this, hence the use of coded language. It really is a cat and mouse game that has been going on for centuries between the cops and the criminals. The difference is now the stakes are much higher. More than ever, governments, the police and military are also tracking financial transactions that might be funding terrorism. The poorly named 'War on Terror' is having a bit of a blowback effect on us, one that is not immediately apparent to those who fluent in their Bible. In the tribulation, that is the seven years of terror prior to Christ's return, all financial transactions can only be done with those who have a 'mark' in their right hand or forehead. In other words, a cashless society. Counterfeiting is a billion dollar criminal enterprise. Everybody wants something for nothing I guess. Put the two forces (anti-terrorism and counterfeit detection) together and the natural result is the elimination of paper money and a world-wide tracking system of all types of buying and selling. Unless you have a credit rating, good luck trying to buy any big-ticket item (house, car). The global system of control is already in place! Such a thing was not even true 20 years ago! So if the antichrist system is in place, then where is that Son of Perdition, the Beast, the AntiChrist? Surely he must be alive today! Of course, God and only God is restraining this person of mystery from the public view. Before He does, Jesus will come for His church and evacuate His saints from danger. My friend, I hope you will be part of that supernatural evacuation from danger. Just ask Jesus to come in and take over your life. Yes, some ignorant half-wit will probably call you some silly name. It's a small price to pay to live for Him. Please don't get left behind. You don't have to go through those seven years of terror if you don't want to. Confess all your sins and make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour today.

There seems to be a big undercurrent of awakening going on in the ME today. The desire for greater freedoms and an end to top-down governments that abuse their powers. No, I do not believe that Islam can be reformed. Islam 'is' or it is not. There is no 'in between'. I think these 'liberal' bloggers are going to have to find this out the hard way. Nice to know that many Muslims have aspirations other than jihad and martyrdom though.

Have you ever heard of S.W.I.F.T.? It stands for Society of Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications.

How 'bout TFTP? Also an acronym, it stands for Terrorist Financing Tracking Program. Which is great except for one teensy, weensy problem. Who defines the term 'terrorist'? Or what exactly is an 'illegal financial transaction'? Believe me when I tell you that today's militant humanists and securalists would LOVE to use this technology against Bible-believing Christians and others who don't buy into their radical agenda. Remember, its not being paranoid when they are really out to get you.

God bless David Limbaugh and his brother Rush. I love the man but Mr. Limbaugh has taken a much more conservative approach to this. The New York Times blew a story about the gov't tracking terrorist monies and DL thinks that's uncool. Just imagine the conversation I would have with this man! Fireworks, baby!

Also from JWR, Caroline Glick offers up a scathing rebuke to PM Ehud Olmert and reckless Israeli politics that enable the enemy.

Here is an update of an earlier article about that Denver shooting of a Safeway store. The shooter's name is Michael Julius Ford. Guess what religion (of peace) he was into. Hint: It starts with 'I' and ends with 'slam'.

Peter MacKay is once again talking about Arctic sovereignty and the NorthWest Passage. Imagine a ship going from Europe to Japan without touching the Panama Canal. Now imagine the transit fees the Canadian gov't would rake in every time a ship uses that route. See? Global warming can be fun!

Two 'happy' links:

See the growing church in India from Gospel for Asia. Wouldn't you want your church to experience this kind of growth?

A laugh from Andy Borowitz. It never fails. I always get a good laugh out of this guy, no matter what. Probably because we share the same demented sense of humor.

Hope you found that to be as enlightening as I did. And look, I didn't even say words like hell or shit even once! (tee-hee)

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Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike, thats just uncanny how you mention the growth in power our banking systems have over our lives, today I was hit by a shocking and frightening vision, thats going to be the subject of my next post.
Right now in Britain, its already become virtually the case that you cannot get employment,credit or social security without having a bank acount, a new move by our banks now is sharia compliant banking, considering many people in the middle east converted to Islam in the first instance due to the jizya tax.
Imagine the sway the banking system will have over people when they start treating you differently because of your religion?