Monday, June 05, 2006

Made in Canada Jihad (pt. 2) - Jun 5

There is all sorts of talk about those jihadist types who were arrested on Friday in the Greater Toronto Area. When I read the Canadian news content, what strikes me is not what is being said, rather it's what's NOT being said. The fact that they are all Muslims (and devout ones at that) is like the 'Pink Elephant in the Room' scenario. It appears that our capacity for self-deception is limitless. Only the naive, foolish or the Left is left holding on to this idea of a 'peaceful' or 'moderate' Islam. I have said it before and I will say it again: While many Muslims are peaceful, Islam as a whole is not. Honestly, it's not a hard concept to grasp. Yet confusion and moral equivalency hold sway over too many people that I'm really questioning if the West (as we know it) has even a chance. 'Know thyself and know the enemy and you need not fear the result of a thousand battles' was SunTzu's admonishment. My friends, we are oh-for-two. We don't know who we are and we don't know the enemy. Jesus Christ is my rock upon which I stand. Upon which rock do you stand?

Here's a quick update of a Very Canadian Jihad.

Harsh Dose of Reality Dep't:

1) Veteran journalist John Gray tells of dimming hopes in Afghanistan where our boys are doing us proud. Listen, our soldiers could dig a hundred wells and build a hundred schools for these people and it still won't matter. We are, and will forever be 'Zionist Crusaders', no matter what we do.

2) Taliban R Us Dep't: Afghani locals talk openly about the growing strength of the Taliban and the growing resistance to good ol' Dar al-Harb.

3) Hugh Fitzgerald on Iraq and the WOT. 'Let them echo' is his cry.

Two articles about the EU and the growing power of Big Brother:

1) EU clinches deal on the transfer of criminal evidence across national borders.

2) That 'air data' deal between the EU and the U.S. for all incoming passengers to Europe is close to being signed. Damned lawyers!!

Falafel and Ice. Ice and Falafel (Ooooh, that makes me hungry!). Yep, that's the problem facing Iraq these days. Too much ice and falafel. Kalishnikovs? Check. Toyotas and Land Rovers? Check. Internet? Check. But don't you dare sell any ice or falafels in Iraq. That would be wrong.

Desertification is steadily increasing. In the battle of Man versus Famine, it's been a rout for famine every single time. Jesus said so in His Olivet Discourse.

Support for the 'Pals' in Europe is falling rapidly, France in particular. Torching cars and rioting will give you that kind of reputation.

Lastly, a cool link of the day. Just listening to the very English soundtrack is worth it, even if you don't read any of it (which I have btw).
Action In England

Carolina beats Edmonton 5-4 in a heartbreaker in Game #1. Nevertheless, Go Oil Go!

The Man in Black

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