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Nazism and That Religion of Peace - Jun 29

In the West today, confusion reigns supreme as it concerns the ME, tiny Israel, Islam and Jerusalem. The fundamental idea that we are fundamentally equal, that we desire peace and war is something to be avoided at all cost is a wonderful ethic which has allowed us to prosper. Even at the height of the Cold War, I doubt many Russians really desired an all-out war of annihiliation between the 'imperialist' West and 'proletariat' Russia. Struggle and sacrifice yes, but never total war. Then there's Islam. A religion that regards everything prior to its founder as trash (jahiliyyah). A religion that pours contempt on all those who worship differently. A religion that regards the woman as inferior, especially concerning sexual matters. A religion that worships war. In his day, Adolf Hitler described the coming war (WWII) as a struggle between the Aryan man and the inferior, subhuman races. And really, does Islam describe things much differently? Don't forget, the Nazis and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem were big pals. The details have changed but the principles remain the same. War. Glorious, unending, perpetual war. Does it really make a difference if you call it 'Struggle' or 'Fate' or Jihad or whatever? Both hate the Jews. Both hate the 'decadent' West (hard to disagree with that one actually). Both dreamed of total global conquest. Hitler's armies died a slow, cold death in the Russian steppes. Will Islam's fate be similar or will it succeed? The answer is found in God's word as Jesus comes again in power and glory to defeat the armies of Armaggeddon. Will you be victorious? Here are two ways you can achieve victory over Islam:

1) Turn away from sin and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Everything starts with salvation. Swallow your pride and ask Him for forgiveness. Please do it today.

2) Get informed and educated. The internet is a wonderful tool so if you're reading this you have NO EXCUSE! Once you understand, seek to be understood. Tell others in your own words what you have seen and read about Islam. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

3) Tune in to the X-Def on regular intervals to get your daily dose of veritas and humor.
OK, so that's three ways. If I'm not going to promote my own blog, then who is?

From is a chilling article on how women are brutalized in Saudi Arabia. The tales of woe that maidservants have to tell is tough reading.

A chilling message to the infidels. An interview with Abu Bakir Bashir, Indonesian imam to JI, an al-Qaida off-shoot branch.

There's a documentary called 'Obsession' dealing with radical Islam and the West. I have not personally seen it, I would really love to. If anyone has seen it or has a DVD copy of it that I can borrow, then please leave a comment below.

Meet Aki Nawaz, Muslim rapper. This guy is so unbelievably vile it is sickening. I'm sorry, but free speech ends at open sedition and advocating suicide bombing. I'm sure the Left, who has never met a traitor it didn't like, would disagree. So be it. Is this a free speech case or not? Let me know after you read this article.

I have two articles from JINSA about the double standards that the world unfairly uses against Israel. The first is about us, the second about them.

There are twin girls in Manitoba that want to play on the boys' hockey team. Depending on your viewpoint, you can argue that this is a human rights issue or PC running amok. As a guy's guy and avid hockey fan, I tend to lean towards the latter argument. Allowing 17 year-old girls to play with bigger and stronger 17 year-old boys is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Facts tend to be a stubborn thing, after all. Ladies, this is your cue to leave a comment and tell me how much of a horrible human being I am.

Behold Vladimir Putin. Does this look like a man you want to seriously piss off? Ask any historian the wisdom of vexing a bunch of mad Russians. Mr. Putin has given the order to find and kill those jihadis in Iraq who murdered those Russian diplomats. I can tell you right now those terrorists are as good as dead. It's simply a matter of time.

From the web-site. Pay attention to a particular sentence in this article. It talks about the National Bank of Belgium (BNB):
'The BNB leads an oversight group supervising SWIFT's activities that includes the central banks of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, and the European Central Bank.'
That's ten countries plus the ECB. Are these the ten kings found in the book of Daniel? Too soon to tell but it's not a bad guess.

From the Greater Jihad to the Lesser, an update on what's been going on with Israel and its dealings with the Gaza Strip. This is all over that kidnapping of 19 year-old Corporal Gilad Shalit and the killing of 18 year-old settler Eliahu Asheri.

Serious business as Israeli jets buzz Bashar al-Assad's place in Syria.

Israel is delaying any foray into Gaza proper as Arab countries try to defuse the situation. Israel has captured 64 Hamas operatives and 20 parliamentarians, sparking a major international row.
delaying any foray into Gaza proper

Two links to close out this post on a happy, uplifting note:

On July 1st, Canada will be celebrating its 139th birthday. Our American allies will be making merry on July 4th. Here are quotes from K-House from some famous dead guys. They're all American speakers but I think the things they speak of are universal and timeless.

OK, I KNOW you want a Superman quiz. I can just feel it. I myself did not bad, scoring 7 out of 10. Let's see if you can do better.

The X-Def: Now ass-free. Dammit! I did it again! Oh well. It's my blog, not yours. Take it or leave it.

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