Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Number 666, 777 - Jun 6

Allright, have you got any jitters over this whole 6/6/06 thing? Not me. I promised a treatise on the Beast's number and I'm going to deliver. The number 666 comes straight of of The Book of Revelations of Jesus Christ (BRJC). Some just call the last book of the Bible 'Revelations', but that is in fact, incorrect. I will suggest that you cannot understand 666 until you understand the number 777. As any reader of the Bible will tell you, the number seven is a number that is close to God's heart. It certainly is of massive importance in the BRJC. In the first chapter, we are introduced to seven churches. In Rev 1:20 we read of seven churches having seven stars (which are seven angels) and seven lampstands which symbolize those churches. In other words,

7 Churches,
7 Stars/Angels and,
7 Lampstands,

or the number 777. Remember, the Church is an institution near and dear to God. In the BRJC 5:6, we see a picture of Jesus Christ as a slain Lamb. We find Him having three characteristics, namely:

7 Horns,
7 Eyes and,
7 Spirits of God,

which is the number 777 once more. Seven is God's number which is considered the 'divine' number. Six is the number of Man, not God. Man was created on the sixth day (Gen 1) and God 'rested' on the seventh which as any Jew will tell you is the Shabbat (Sabbath). If there is a finite number that God would choose to reveal His triune nature, 777 would be it. Satan is not, nor can he ever be, a seven. He is an imposter, a six (Man's number), which is one less than a seven. 777 represents Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 666 is a number that therefore reveals the Unholy Trinity of Satan (the anti-Father), the Beast (anti-Christ) and the False Prophet (anti-HS). Notice the prefix 'anti-'. 'Anti' doesn't just mean 'against', it also means 'instead of'. The seven-year reign of AntiChrist (see Dan 9:27) is those mystery years that immediately precede the Glorious Appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Added Jan, 28, 2008)

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In the spirit of the day, here are two links that put today into it's proper perspective.
Rapture Ready and the number 666
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Another Mount Merapi update as 11,000 flee recent activity.

See God's saints in action in the country of India:

I think Baghdad, Iraq wins the turkey prize as the most violent city on Earth. Jarvis St. in downtown Toronto late at night is a bloody picnic compared to Baghdad.

The city of Yerushalayim, God's burdensome stone to both Jew and Arab.

An update of a Very Canadian Jihad: Apparently, one of these hammerheads wanted to storm the CBC and then behead Harper. D'ya think anybody would notice if someone took over the CBC provided they kept the hockey schedule intact? I doubt it.

This blog would be absolutely worthless if I did not mention the fact that June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day, the beginning of the end of Hitler's Third Reich. Sixty-two years ago to be exact. Naturally it was a huge event in 2004 as it was the 60th anniversary of one of the greatest amphibious assaults in military history.

I hope that helps. I'll have more theology for you later.

Johnny Cash


Jameca Johnson said...

Very interesting... I am learning about the sabbath day and other things in the bible that mainstream christianity doesn't really address, and I think that God has been blessing me to find answers to things that I am seeking. Is there any significance as to this day (7/7/07??) and it just so happens to fall on the 7th day! I am not Jewish, but african american and born and raised in the baptist church but am now questioning a lot of what I was raised to believe.

KJ said...

This was really helpful. Though I am only 13years old I had begin my Bible reading in Revelation and the "666" thing really botherd me. I had wonderd about it for a while when I, and my BFF and her Boy-friend, got in a discotion about it at my Christian school, I decided to do reaserch on the subject. TISC.(this is so cool)!!

Anonymous said...

hi all my life i wonder why i alway said my number is 777? and all those dream i had falling from the heavens and sitting on top of judgement gate watching all them souls below me and looking to my left seeing these souls life pass before them on what look like a giant flat screen tv in space in front of me was a lake a fire be- hind me was the heavens god was so pure and bright!!!1 woodster.

Johnny Cash said...

Hi 1 woodster. Good God man, you've outdone yourself. I have absolutely no clue what you're saying. As for your dreams, maybe you should have a glass of warm milk or something. Trippy. JC

Jeanette Johnson said...


LuxAeterna said...

Very insightful. I'm kind of doing some self research after finding out that some winning lotto numbers in Illinois were: 6-6-6 and 7-7-7-9. This happened the day after Obama's election to the U.S. presidency (Illinois being his home state of course). Crazy coincidence or something more? According to the video I saw 9 represents God's judgement.

Johnny Cash said...

Hello LuxAeterna,
I'm familiar with the strange lottery numbers that came up shortly after the Obama win. Let me be clear about two things. One, unless we have better evidence, we can only assume coincidence. Two, Obama is neither the Christ nor the Anti-Christ. Apart from 9 being an upside-down 6, I do not believe the number 9 has any Biblical precedent.

Donald said...

A number is nothing to be afraid of, you know. No need to do the whole "sign-of-the-cross" BS if a car with a 666 license plate is in front of you.

What's with all the fear and loathing, dude? Have you at least tried giving Satan a shot? It doesn't hurt to at least see what he's all about, right? Sammy Davis Jr. was into Satan for awhile and he came out just fine in the end, right?

Johnny Cash said...

Hi Donald,
Glad to see you're paying attention if nothing else. No fear and loathing here, nor is it my intention to spread fear. As for your Satan comment, I can tell you're trying to push my buttons (It's not working). As for Sammy, if he was indeed in Satan's corner than I imagine him to be in the blackest of darkness. God is holy and will not tolerate unbelief. The whole 666/777 thing is a manifestation of the spiritual warfare that is taking place in our homes, churches and schools. Anyways, I don't need to explain myself to you. But do come back again, I'd love to hear from you soon! JC

Donald said...

You mean, like, ghosts are waging war in my house right now? That's pretty goddamn scary, dude. Do you think I should call someone to meet me at my house before I go in there? (I'm at work now and there don't seem to be any spirits fighting from what I can tell.)

If you don't hear back from me I suppose that means that a spirit ghost got me.

Wish me luck, sir!

p.s. What is the best way to kill a ghost, anyway? What if one comes up behind me when I'm doing some pottery or something?

Johnny Cash said...

Pick up a Bible (assuming you have one) and read Ephesians 6:12. A virtual Bible can be found at my sidebar under Johnny's Favorites. As for any demonic home infestation, the solution is simple: the shed blood of Christ. Do keep the questions coming! JC

chrlz said...

there is no such thing as satan.

Donald said...

Hi again.

I have an old Lionel model train engine that actually has 666 on the headlight and as the train number on the side.

What should I do with it? Do you think it would be okay to let my son play with it?

Any advice? I don't want to get into another ghost fighting situation. (You wouldn't believe the damage to my hardwood floors.)

Thanks in advance!

Johnny Cash said...

Hi Donald, so glad you came back! As for your train, you should invite all the kids in your neighborhood over. The more the merrier! I just posted yesterday in your honor. It's called 'Shutting the mouths of demons' as of Jan 25th 2009. Please do give it a read. I think you shall be most entertained!

Cordially, JC

Kendra said...

I arrived here because i dreamed of the 777 actually from a dream. Its starts out with a Medusa form standing with in a room and im warned not to look or enter or i will turn to stone....but i enter anyway Medusa turns his head away and then i see 777 and i need to remember this such number not sure why.

Johnny Cash said...

Hi Kendra,
Thank you for your comment. I was inspired enough to make a post with a reply to your query. I hope you are satisfied with my response.

For Kendra - Sep 13

Anonymous said...

That isn't what 666 means. It refers to the Roman Emperor Nero. The ancient Jews had an occult system called gematria where they gave numerical significance to someone's name. That's why the Book of Revelation describes the Antichrist as 666, because Nero's name translates to 666 in that occult numerological system. It isn't prophesizing a coming 1 world government, contrary to what Pat Robertson and other right-wing dispensationalists and conspiracy theorists believe. Its simply describing Nero's reign of terror and persecution of Christians and Jews.

Johnny Cash said...

Dear Paul,
I too am familiar with gematria. This is nothing more than a wacky mathematical diversion and an unstable offshoot of numerology. I'm sure if you plugged in 'Ozzy Osbourne' into the gematric equation you'd probably end up with 666. Which of course proves nothing. I'm referencing Revelation 13:16-18 when I talk about the number 666. Your argument about Nero misses the point. There have been many tyrants throughout the ages that while certainly acting in the spirit of Antichrist, were not the Beast as scripture so eloquently describes. Jesus himself used the example of Antiochus Epiphanes when explaining the abomination of desolation. In His discourse, Jesus was clearly giving prophetic utterances about the future using a historical villain well known to the Jews. There have been many Antichrist archetypes (Hitler for one) in human history to be sure. However, there will be only one individual that will play the prophetic role of Satan's right-hand man (and his wing-man, the False Prophet). Please go back and read your Bible sir. I would like to thank you for raising this salient point.

Cordially, JC

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Cash,
Ok I'm not an expert on this so maybe I'm wrong and maybe this is a poor argument. But the Roman Catholic Church has said that its interpretation of Revelation is that 666 (or also 616, which some versions use instead) is code for Nero and the book was written as a polemic against Nero, not a literal prophecy of a future demon ruling the earth. I believe this is the Vatican's position on the issue. I also have a classmate who is a Methodist and is studying to becoming a Methodist minister or whatever their version of a priest is calling who said the same thing about 666 meaning Nero. Are they mistaken in their opinion then?
Courteously, Paul

Johnny Cash said...

Oooh lookie, a debate!

Hi Paul,
I think the problem that you and your Methodist friend are asking is, "How do we properly interpret Bible prophecy?" For the majority of the church age, the answer was allegorical. However, something happened on May 15, 1948. Israel was born and the whole concept of 'prophecy as allegory' was revisited. More and more, we see that prophecy was always meant to be interpreted literally. Just recently there has been a reversal of that opinion, one founded on wishful thinking rather than the plain teaching of the Bible. Unless a particular passage explicitly states otherwise (a parable for instance), all prophecy is meant to taken at face value. Hence the confusion within the church over Nero and the number 666. Two excellent preachers I highly recommend regarding the end times are Hal Lindsey and Grant Jeffrey. Three posts I've blogged can help you in your quest for truth (which can be found in my 'greatest hits (so far!)' section). They are:

The Rosetta Stone of Bible Prophecy
The Prophecy of the Sabbath
Israel's Appointment with Destiny (featuring Grant Jeffrey)

I hope that helps!

Cordially, JC

Marita said...

Paul you so right about this. One should never except things said as true specially from churches and so called priest, pastors, dominee's what ever. They are people with own opinions and are suppose to tell us what they were told to tell us. Not always the very truth. The word is our only guideline no human should be able to influence us according to their interpretation. And I say this, as I realized during the years, that we so human an so funerable to influences from our parents and church leaders and that is not always correct. The Holy spirit is my only guide and what you say is the full truth. 666 is the antichrist and 777 is the spiritual number for the govenent between man and GOD and only GOD. it is also the meaning of spriritual growth. We can argue these by many different books and opinions and dominations. But God see sewen as holy then so do I. thanks for the honest truth And those who can't grasp this....mis a very important relationship with God.

RLPComboKing said...

So is 777 a good number to use. I have seen alot of bands use 666 on clothing and stuff. I was thinking about making something for fun and I wanted to know if using 777 was ok?

Johnny Cash said...

Dear RLPComboKing,
Go ahead and use whatever number you want. Keep in mind that all numbers are in the public domain and that no-one has a trademark or lien on the number 666 or 777. I must confess that I'm a bit of an Iron Maiden fan and so I know 666 - The Number of the Beast song. I'm sure Bruce Dickinson gets a kick out of that one when performing in front of a sweaty (mostly) male crowd. As long as your eternity is a secure one, you should have no fear of the number 666. Good luck sir!

Cordially, JC

RLPComboKing said...

Would it be fine if I used the Pentagram too? It was a symbol in the Christian religion.

Johnny Cash said...

Please stop with your childish comments. Immature exhibitions of troll-like behavior will not be tolerated here. Should you persist, further comments will simply be deleted. Use whatever number or symbol you want. You certainly don't need my permission.

Cordially, JC

RLPComboKing said...

OK I'm really sorry.

Johnny Cash said...


Apology accepted.

Cordially, JC