Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sports and Faith - Jun 21

One more thing about that hockey game last night. As anyone who reads this blog will probably figure out that I'm a big sports fan. NFL, CFL, MLB, NHL, OHL, you name it, I follow it (not basketball though). It's important to realize that our faith can only be as large as the object of our faith. A sports fan, in essence, exercises faith when he/she follows any team. But because these teams are wholly comprised of mere mortals (usually men), it is a faulty faith because these men that we cheer on WILL fail us on occasion. Faith fails because the team fails. When we put faith in God, you can be sure of a solid faith that cannot fail because God cannot fail. It is faith built upon a rock which cannot be moved. Although we will be buffetted and harassed by circumstance, our rock remains resolute. If you aren't on the rock, shifting sands will be your base. Adversity will come and you and your foundation will be destroyed. Don't put faith in faith. Put faith in God instead.

If there is just one link you have time to read, then read this excellent essay from a Muslim thinker (yes, they do exist) on 'Schizophrenic' Arab culture.

Another essay, this time from Hugh Fitzgerald of jihadwatch, on jahiliyya, or what happens when Muslims get a hold of non-Islamic history. Cultural carnage and religious supremacism rule in Islam.

A story from the BBC on a computer chip that can perform at 500 GHz (Giga Hertz). In laymans terms thats half a trillion (500,000,000,000) calculations that can be performed in ONE second. A trillion calculations per second is a Tera Hertz (1,000,000,000,000). The catch being is that the chip has to be cooled to near absolute zero to achieve this. Truly mind-boggling!

Also from the BBC, an interesting story about a 'doomsday vault' in the Svalbard Islands, Norway. Basically this vault is like a safety deposit box, only it contains seeds that have been cooled in case of crop failure or famine. A Noah's Ark, if you will, of plants.

Y'know, the Palestinians have to be the biggest welfare case in the world. What's worse, they feel that they are entitled to it. What arrogance. "Pay us our jizya tax or else." Sorry, but it's time to put a 'stop payment' on this mindless foreign aid we are doling out.

More Islamic intransgience as Daniel Pipes reports how history is being willfully distorted as Islam attempts to lay sole claim upon the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site.

The EU is launching an 'Anti-Terror Squad' over the heads of the European parliament.

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