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All The World's A Stage - Jul 29

.... and we are merely players. Well at least the Bard said so, so I guess it must be true. But who is the main player, the main actor of this play we call life? It is none other than Jesus Christ Himself. A co-worker asked me the other day "Is this the Armaggeddon?". I told him no it wasn't, but that reality is much closer than what we think. This world is in a serious state of upheaval with no apparent end in sight. Israel is at the center of all the news media, be they hostile or friendly to the Jewish state. Why does this world hate the Jews and Israel? Because it hates Jesus. Oh, it loves the little baby Jesus of Christmastime, it loves the Jesus who wrought many miracles, it loves the Jesus who said "Love thy neighbor". But it hates the Jesus who is coming again in great power and glory to set up His millenial kingdom. The world is indeed a stage. Are you a player for the coming Kingdom of God?

I've got a monster post here so do bear with me.

It came as a shock and a surprise to me to hear of the death of Major Paeta Hess von-Kruedener. You see, I actually knew this guy! He was very briefly attached to my regiment, the Lorne Scots in Brampton, Ontario. He was a captain when he was there and this guy was something else. Perhaps the keenest and fittest soldier I ever knew, and was quite intimidating. It did not surprise me in the least to hear that he was in the middle of the action. A desk jockey this guy was not. Standing on guard for thee? You bet.

More in Canadian news as a story from the CBC about the famed Northwest Passage. I have reported on this before, only now I've got a special report. It seems Canada is much more geopolitically more important than what we think.

Bill O'Reilly chimes in on the ineffectiveness of the UN.

Four stories worth watching from the 'Beeb':

A very strange military alliance is forming between Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Russia's Vladimir Putin. Try to the tune of $3bn worth of arms from Russia to Venezuela.

While Israel is bolstering its troops, Arab leaders worry about the growing political and military prowess of Iran. The Iranians are Shia, a minority in the umma, whilst al-Qaida is of the majority Sunni. Both are equally deadly.

And just because I can, here is a cool picture gallery of recent thunderstorms in the U.K..

Three stories of renewed jihad, compliments of that 'Religion of Peace'.

In Israel, the brave mujahideen show their fighting skills by launching rockets at a Jewish kindergarten. A kindergarten for crying out loud! What cowards!

In Seattle, a practitioner of that RoP shoots up a Jewish Federation centre.

In Syria, war preparedness is ratcheted up as the IAF targets the Bekaa Valley.

The war between the witty and the witless continues unabated as well:

Not all wars are fought on the battlefield. Some are taking place in U.S. academic circles, and in a rally in Toronto recently.

Another home run from Charles Krauthammer on what the world thinks about Israel.

According to Russian foreign policy, Hamas and Hezbollah aren't really that bad. Probably just misunderstood I'm guessing.

Two stories from the EU as the Rome conference endorses a UN force for the ME, and an opinion piece on why the EU must act. Or trample Israeli sovereignty underfoot. Take your pick.

Chuckles and Giggles Dep't: At the X-Def, we take our humor seriously.

An article from the Master of Silliness, Andy Borowitz.

Do you want to win $25,000? Of course you do. Just give this Jewish rocker a suitable rock 'n roll name and win. I've submitted my idea, and no, I'm not telling you what it is.

Whew. I told you I had a big post coming. I'm off. See you later.

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