Friday, July 14, 2006

Answer This Question - Jul 14

How do you hide from God? I mean really, think about it for a second. Did you know every word, thought and action is being recorded by the Almighty? Even as I am typing now, God is watching. You see, God has it all on record. If you are righteous, that is born again of the spirit, then God will know and you WILL be granted full citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. Not maybe. You will get it. Now what if you are not on Jesus' side? God will reveal all your wickedness for all to see. Many people think they are 'good' and even a 'moral' person. But it was never meant for you to substitute your own righteousness for God's righteousness. Human goodness is the worst form of wickedness when it is used as a substitute for the second birth. Please don't let your pride get in the way in discovering the 'wonderful mystery' of those who die in a state of belief. Just remember, God is watching and you cannot hide. To be justified or condemned, the choice is yours to make. Please choose wisely.

Wow. There's been a lot going on recently so let's try to catch up. In Mumbai, India, there's been a terrorist attack from that 'Religion of Peace', this time it's suspected Kashmiri militants.

Israel and Lebanon are in a state of war as Hezbollah (The Party of God) have captured two Israeli soldiers. I'm being told that this is going to be a long drawn-out conflict. I can believe it.

Unrest is everywhere these days. In Sao Paolo, Brazil, a full-scale war is erupting on the streets between the police and criminal gangs.

Sudan wins the turkey award for the worst place on Earth for small children.

Come see God's Army (the real one) on the move in India, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Two links from MEMRI on two individuals trying to 'reform' Islam. The first link has to do with political reform, the second religious reform. Ultimately, both will fail. Islam cannot be reformed. Still, I take solace in the fact that Muslims are starting to wake up. Cracks are beginning to show.

In Canada, there's been a major merger as Bell Globemedia buys CHUM. Many are not happy about it as it further concentrates the media in this country into fewer hands. The other player is CanWest Global, owned by the Aspers.

The UN is shocked, shocked (!) that they aren't making progress with Iran and its growing nuke capabilities. Man, I could have told them that over a year ago. Do I get a cheque from these guys for my brilliant insight? Of course not.

Two items in the Fun and Frivolity File:

Meet Kyle McDonald, who turned a red paper clip into a house in Saskatchewan in 14 easy trades.

Why is Superman cool? Because he's like the Christian Jesus and Jewish Messiah, that's why. Don't forget, the creators of Superman were both Jews. So it should come as no surprise that the Man of Steel was inspired by the Bible and the Torah.

The Man in Black

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