Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Boom, Boom, Out Go The Lights! - Jul 19

We had a storm come through yesterday. The hydro went out at 10 p.m. and finally came back on at 2:30 a.m. It really wasn't that big of a storm, it damaged many trees (branches ripped off) and probably dinged a car or two that was left outside. When I think of this in the 'big picture' scheme of things, there are a few points I'd like to share with you:

1) We are so not prepared for this. Would you and your family be ready if the hydro was out 48 hours or longer? Do you have emergency supplies like fresh water, fuel for cooking, canned food and a first aid kit? No? Join the club. My family is not ready either.
2) Do you really believe that the government is gonna save your sorry ass in the event of a local emergency? Dream on. Look at what happened to those poor sods who were on the roof of their flooded homes in New Orleans after Katrina. Or in Indonesia after that killer tsunami. The reality is you are on your own, especially in the short term scheme of things. The government is not a Knight in Shining Armor, ready to rescue damsels in distress the moment they yell for help. Please understand this. It will make the difference between life and death.
3) Complacency and apathy rule. It Can't Happen Here. Not In My Backyard. Disasters only happen to bad people. The lame excuses go on and on.

Please be prepared. Stock up on supplies today while it's still sunny outside.

Poor Indonesia. Another bloody tsunami has hit her, this time it's the island of Java, not Sumatra.

All is not doom and gloom as Discovery lands safely in Florida. Thank God!

Andy Borowitz on what was REALLY going on in Discovery.
(The man is brilliant!)

More links on that ongoing Israeli-Lebanon conflict:

Here's a photo gallery from the CBC on the war zone:

Is Syria next? Many citizens of Damascus are worrying about the fate of their city. If I were them, I'd put down the Koran and read Isaiah 17 out loud. Do I believe this will definitely be the case here? God, I hope not. Not now anyways. However, God cannot lie. Damascus at some point has an appointment with destiny.

The United States is in the process of evacuating its citizens from Lebanon. Canadians are set to go on Wednesday. I'm guessing once all the Westerners have gotten the heck out of Dodge, the IDF will begin its ground campaign. They seem to be taking their sweet time with this. All sorts of whirlwind backroom diplomacy is taking place, far from the public eye. Keep your eyes and ears posted.

Daniel Pipes offers his informed opinion on the current crisis. His solution? Just win, baby! Everything else is mere semantics.

Newt Gingrich (remember him? No? Well don't beat yourself up if you don't) is putting things into its proper perspective. Newt says it's a 58 year-old campaign to kick of WW III. Methinks Newt is no dummy here.

Now for some other odds and sods I've managed to pull together over the past couple of days:

Zidane. Alomar. Clemens. Roy. Namath. Cobb. All these names are sporting legends. They also have another thing in common. They've all made the 'bad-boy' list because of public meltdowns. See for yourself and think of some others that would fit on this list. Marty McSorley. Todd Bertuzzi. John Brophy. Rick Dudley. Lou Piniella. Billy Martin. Billy Smith. Ron Hextall. Terrell Owens. Ron Artest. Bobby Knight. And every minor league baseball coach that's ever stepped on the diamond gets my vote which was not included in this list.

The 'Beast of B.C.' Clifford Olsen is up for parole. Let's hope this worthless piece of sh*t never sees a free day in his pathetic life.
Don't bother posting if you don't like the profanity. I stand by it 100% and I ain't changing it.

In the Netherlands, tolerance runs amok as some pedophiles are trying to start up a political party. On this side of the rapture, these guys have a snowball's chance in hell of making any headway. After the rapture is anybody's guess.

The mayor of Fredricton has told a bunch of anti-abortionists that they are not welcome. Truth sucks, doesn't it?

Read a story about a young life pulled back from the brink in India thanks to a GFA broadcast. Remember, God loves you, no matter what.

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