Thursday, July 20, 2006

End Time Prophecy - Jul 20

Here's an extra special post for you here. I'm hoping that someone who is interested in end-time events would use Google and come to this blog for some more information. After the rapture there will be millions who have internet access and will be quite scared at the calamity that has just occurred. I believe we are THAT CLOSE!!

In Leviticus 23, you'll read of seven feasts ordained by God given to the Jews. Along with other gems such as Daniel 9, Matthew 24, and Isaiah 53, Leviticus 23 is one of the most important chapters in the OT. It's prophetic significance cannot be overemphasized.

Will Islam be our future? I think it will be during the tribulation era. There are too many parallels between Christian and Islamic eschatology (that's a big fancy word for prophecy). After Jesus' return, Islam will fade into history.

So here's another link that I can personally endorse to you. It's a link off of the main site that I think will tickle your grey matter.

Just in case you didn't see my links below, here are two must haves on your favorites list:

Rapture Ready
Jihad Watch

And for our Catholic friends, do I have a special treat for you! There's an obscure prophecy that's over 900 years old that is not part of the church doctrine. An Irishman named St. Malachy gave Pope Celestine II in the year 1143 a list of all the popes that would follow him to the end of time. As of right now, Pope Benedict XVI is the 111th out of 112 popes on the list. Benny is the 'Glory of the Olives'. The name Benedict comes from the Benedictines, also known as the 'Olivetans'! Keep in mind Ratzinger is no spring chicken anymore at 79 years of age. Do yourself a favor and Google 'Malachy' and 'Glory of the Olives' and see what you come up with. I think the results will astound and amaze you.

I've got two links to my own blog that I believe are also helpful:
Prophecy of the Sabbath
The Numbers 666 and 777

There is so much out there, I suggest you surf the internet thoroughly. There is a lot of good stuff out there. Some crap too, so do exercise due diligence. The links above are legit and provide an excellent start. As Agent Fox Mulder of the X-Files used to say, "The truth is out there!"

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