Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 139th Birthday, Canada! - July 1st

Well, well, it's a long holiday weekend and I'm already sunburnt. Went down to the Ex grounds to watch the CHIN bikini contest. The girl that won was a gorgeous brunette with a Slovenian background. Also enjoyed a cold Portuguese beer along with all the food. Good times! The Americans have their fun on the fourth, so my e-mail load will be a little on the light side that day. With that fluff out of the way, here is a nice and easy post for you.

While we here in Ontario make a point of having a good time on July 1st, in Newfoundland the day is marked as a bittersweet one. It was 90 years ago today that the 1st Newfoundland Regiment suffered a 90% casualty rate in the Battle of the Somme in the First World War.

In Ottawa, PM Stephen Harper and his family got into today's festivities:

In the Netherlands, a small leftist party called D66 has withdrawn it's support for the gov't over the Hirsi Ali immigration debacle. This is a wonderful story of anti-dhimmitude from the Dutch who have had it with cowards and traitors in its midst.

In England (who lost to Portugal today. See below), there is a massive drinking problem. The point of this story is not to cluck our tongues while we go about our daily business. It is to show that without having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, many people will turn to alcohol or other destructive habits to fill that void in their lives. Don't blame the 'pub culture' for England's rising tide of alcoholism. Instead, blame the spiritual desert landscape that is sadly occuring in this formerly staunch Christian nation.

Two articles on Islam worth mentioning.

In Egypt, many are calling for a 'holy war' against Israel over that Gaza kerfuffle. Not surprisingly, the Egyptian gov't does not want a full scale war in its backyard. Sometimes the will of the people isn't always a good thing.

(From ynet news) Taqqiya Alert: Read carefully what this Muslim is saying. He's saying all the right things but he's as insincere as he can be. You get the idea he's playing up for the camera, nothing more. Massive credibility gap (canyon, really!) here. When they start saying 'Peace' in both Arabic and English then I'll believe them. Until then, no dice.

The X-Def World Cup Update:
France has beaten Brazil 1-0 (!) and the Portuguese beat my English side with penalty kicks.

This of course sets up two very tight semi-finals of Germany vs. Italy and Portugal vs. France. Any one of these four teams could come away champions and I don't think anyone will feel cheated. My prediction for the final is Germany vs. France since both teams just look a bit mentally tougher than the other two. The Germans and the French have taken a rougher road and will be ready. The winner? The Germans who have been marvellous hosts in 2006. Just don't quote me on that!

Lastly a funny story of how Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi serenaded President Bush with a bunch of Elvis songs while at Graceland. Take a good look at the photo of Koizumi with his Elvis sunglasses and Bush having a good laugh. It's priceless.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

The Man in Black

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