Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Don't Haf Da Powa, Cap'n! - Jul 25

The title of my post may seem strange to you but not to those who are familiar with Scotty (the late James Doohan) of Star Trek. Totally cheesy and camp, yet is responsible for much of the science fiction TV series today. While Queens, NY and St. Louis are still having troubles with their electricity, there was rolling blackouts in Alberta and a heatwave in Europe. What is my point in all this? Are most of us living in the Southern Ontario region ready for similar actions? No. We are not ready. However, once it starts (and it will), we'll simply have to suffer like everyone else. My friends, be prepared.

Do you want to hear a good old-fashioned rant from Neal Boortz? Hear 7:39 of Mr. Boortz against that 'religion of peace' we all know and love? I feel for 'Will', the English Muslim who is the target of the host's wrath.

Where do you stand wrt the land of Israel? There've been two rallies for Israel in California and London and one against. Please carefully read the placards in the anti-Israeli rally. I hope they will open your eyes.

From Jewish World Review, two stirring call to arms from Bill O'Reilly and Michael Goodwin.

Two items of interest in Israeli news:

Will the EU become the guaranteeor of Israel's safety? It appears that might be the short-term case. Remember Daniel 9:27? 'The people of the prince to come'? That would be the Europeans my friend.

An update on Ariel Sharon's worsening condition. I think the docs are gonna pull the plug very, very soon. Which of course sets my mind to thinking, "Will all the heads of state, including Bush, show up in Israel for Sharon's funeral? And will the Iranians think to attack Israel at that very moment when all these VIP's are gathered together in the Holy Land?" Hmmm.

And for those who take the Great Commision seriously, here's another Gospel for Asia update.

Two sports stories I'm also following:

Congrats to Vernon Wells of the Blue Jays for being MLB's Player of the Week!

And when you think of sports, you think 'hair', right? No? Well here's a picture gallery that says differently. (Requires flash)

Attention! All you aspiring mad scientists and al-Qaida types! Do you want to destroy the Earth? I mean completely obliterate it right out of existence? Take your jihad to the next level and find out Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth. Please, don't thank me, thank you!

Never say I don't have a sense of humor, however misplaced it might be.

Mr. Johnny Cash

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