Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm A Genius - Jul 21

Well, not really. Scroll down (if you're on my homepage) and look at the next two posts. You'll notice that all those sloppy links are gone and have been replaced by hyperlinks. There are far too many posts for me edit in html but I promise this will be the future format from now on. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way I guess. Enjoy the new and improved X-Def!

Israeli troops are now amassing at the Lebanese border. After their sustained air attack, the poor bloody infantry are going to be sent in to do mop-up operations. Good luck to them. I still stick to my earlier prognostications that Hezbollah will not be completely destroyed. Israeli casualties will mount and calls to end the war will increase in volume.

In other military news, Ethiopian troops have moved into Somalia to bolster what's left of the government there.

There are many strange weather stories out there that boggle the mind. Temperatures in England have reached heatwave status. The city of St. Louis is hit with a double whammy as they've got a heat wave AND a blackout. I will be very surprised if we here in Southern Ontario will come away unscathed wrt rolling blackouts. Also, wetness in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia as the remnants of Tropical Storm Beryl soak the province.

I've got two photo galleries from the BBC. The first is Fighting in Lebanon. The second has to do with Mt. Mayon in the Philippines as it looks to erupt.

Meanwhile, because of everybody getting out of Lebanon, Cyprus is asking the EU for help. It appears to be the Greek Cypriots (and not the Turkish Cypriots) who are doing all the hard work.

Despite all the terror, 3,000 Jews have decided to emigrate to Israel. Yes, of course that sounds illogical. But think about this for a second. If you're a Jew, the safest place you can be is the land of Israel. God has not forgotten His people and His land. Not by a long shot.

Jonah Goldberg of Jewish World Review on the great U.N delusion.

Also from JWR, a bit of silliness from Gene Weingarten. Along with Andy Borowitz, Gene is one of the funniest posters at JWR.

See, isn't that much neater?

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Much better linking J.C.
The UN storyline is a very real and concerning situation.