Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's All Israel's Fault - Jul 6

Of course it is. Why I just read that all the military manouvres of the IDF are being done whilst the World Cup is going on so as to provide a convenient media cover. What dastards! Why if Israel would just lay down quietly while militant Islam steamrolls over it, then gosh, the world would be a better place now, wouldn't it? Not to mention America's continued support of the Jewish state is clearly an 'impediment to peace' in the ME!
My friends, we ARE living in interesting times, are we not? The kidnapping of Cpl. Gilad Shalit and Israel's response is making the world crazy. To listen to even a quarter of the media blitz on this story is to believe in an upside-down thesis. Democratic and free Israel is the enemy, Hamas and Fatah are the sinless, blameless, and spotless victim of Israeli aggression. Waging war is not just done with soldiers, tanks and fighter jets. It's done on the public front with the media insinuating itself into the conflict, taking sides, truth be damned. This world system of false belief has had it with Israel, the Jews and the city of Jerusalem. In a supreme act of defiance against its Creator, the demonically lead armies of this world will sweep down on Israel in an attempt to destroy her. As it was in Hitler's day, this will be seen as the 'Final Solution' to the 'Jewish Problem'. It will be at this moment of Israel's greatest peril that Jesus Christ will make His Glorious Appearing and smite single-handedly all those that have oppressed God's people, dividing His land and His city. Look at the news today. The delegitimization of Israel is at a fever pitch. Anti-semitism is rampant in universities everywhere you go. Neo-nazis are attempting a comeback in Germany. My friend, listen to me. God's Word is not a joke. Nor is it metaphorical or clever poetry. It is very, very real. Are you ready? I mean REALLY ready? Do you want to escape this horrific time in history just before Christ's return? Then please pray something like this: Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner. I need to be saved and I want to be saved. Thank you for saving me. Give me the grace, power, and purpose to make my faith a public one. Let me never be ashamed of you. In Jesus' name, Amen.

German neo-nazis have defaced a copy of Anne Frank's diary, burnt an American flag, gave a Nazi 'Sieg Heil' salute while singing banned Nazi songs. Man, I never realized that being a racist thug was such hard work!

In Gaza, fighting continues as Israel absorbs its first fatality:

The United Nations Human Rights Council, which contains such beacons of light as Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan and China have all come together to condemn Israel's actions in Gush Katif. Not surprisingly, the United States and Canada have seen this for the sham that it is.

Not to be outdone, the EU is falling in lock-step with world opinion, citing 'international law' in it's condemnation of Israel:

Gordon Brown, who is being tapped on the shoulder to replace Tony Blair, is being asked to be a team player as far as the EU is concerned. Mr. Brown wants a single market for utilities, energy, telecommunications, financial and other general services. But alas, no euro for Britain! Wow. It's like saying you almost had sex. I mean, either you had sex or you didn't. There is no 'almost' to it. Brilliantly stupid I'd say.

Two items in our international folder:

Kings of the East Update: India and China have opened a new 'Silk Road'. One of the highest in the world this new road opens up a major economic artery between the two.

From K-House, an article of how the seeds of a supranational army are being planted under the aegis of the UN.

North America news:

In Mexico, conservative candidate Felipe Calderon is being declared the winner in a hotly contested election, reminiscent of Bush/Gore in 2000.

By now you've heard that PM Stephen Harper is in Washington to personally meet President Bush one on one. Both seem to have hit it off and are reading from the same page, which I suppose helps Canada - U.S. relations.

Here's an extra from the CBC about Prime Ministers and Presidents. The chummiest? Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan. The worst? Pierre Trudeau and Richard Nixon. Read it all. Some of it is pretty funny.

That's it for today. Not bad for a 'slow' news day, huh?

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