Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's Raining Jihad - Jul 22

There is just so much going on right now that it's hard to keep up. Probably the most dangerous place on Earth right now is the Israeli-Lebanon border. The DMZ between the Koreas ranks a close second. Even that appears tranquil compared to the clashes between the IDF and Hezbollah. Well, I hope you like the new format as much as I do. Much more reader-friendly and the posts are a bit more compact with the URLs out of the way.

Save me Infidels! You know, Omar Bakri has some gall. After saying the British gov't ought to be overthrown and Sharia law ought to be the law of the land, he wants the British gov't to come and save his sorry ass. Did I mention that the Brits had had enough of this guy, enough to punt him out of the country? There's a lesson to be learned here folks: After you bite the hand that feeds you, don't expect any more feedings the same way, if at all.

As I suggested to you earlier, Iran and Syria were not going to sit idly by while the IAF pummels Hezbollah into oblivion. There's every reason to believe that HB did NOT act unilaterally when they decided to kidnap two additional soldiers. They were given orders directly from Sistani (Iran) and Assad (Syria), orders that were faithfully carried out. I cannot stress this point enough. Sadly and tragically, Lebanese civilians are caught in the middle.

Three items of Canadian interest here:

In Afghanistan, two Canadian soldiers are dead as a result of a suicide bombing on their convoy. Eight others were wounded, none with life-threatening injuries. Hey, does anyone still believe that the Canadians were going to come out of Afghanistan completely unscathed?

According to a recent survey of Canadians, many thought highly of Jews and Christians with a 81% approval rate (that high?). Muslims compared the least favorable with a 63% approval rating.

Some happy news as our Canadian boys capture the world lacrosse title after a drought of 28 years. Don't be ashamed if you didn't hear about this. It was not heavily promoted as it should have been. I was aware of it but none of the matches were televised.

Four items of international interest:

Vast Right-Wing Zionist Conspiracy Dep't: Get this. According to the Iranians, Pepsi is actually an acronym for Pay Every Penny to Save Israel. My mind is blown away. I'm speechless for a change.

If you knew for a fact that most of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 infamy were Saudis, would you sell them billions of dollars of military hardware? France seems to think this is not a big problem. Not that it was terribly difficult of me to dislike the French in the first place, but why is one of our so-called allies aiding and abetting the enemy?

In India, it appears that not all Indians are like Mahatma Ghandi. Some Muslims there have decided that burning the American flag is the cool thing to do. No, I'm not getting into an argument with you wrt free speech and all that. Burning a flag of any country is petty, spiteful and is filled with hate and venom towards those people. Playing for the camera, but not in a nice way.

This is a follow up from earlier, but there seems to a development to this case. The Ethiopian army has now moved into a second Somali town. More to follow.

Like I said, jihad is raining all over the place. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

The Man in Black

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